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Michigan On Verge of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
Author: Alice  13/07/2017 - 16:15:00

July 13, 2017 Michigan 

Michigan has long been trying to make sure that it gets the recreational marijuana legalized. One of the groups that have been working hard to get the recreational cannabis on the 2018 ballot may just get the job done. It has already received over 100,000 signatures. To get the matter on the 2018 ballot, the group only needs an additional 152,523 signatures, and then the matter will be up for consideration. 

CRMLA— Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol—told the news that over a 100,000 signatures have already been collected in support of cannabis. If the required number of signatures are received, the voters of the state would finally have a chance to get the adult-use legalized, regulated, and taxed in Michigan. It would allow individuals of 21 years of age and older to consumer adult-use cannabis. 

Josh Hovey—a spokesperson for the Coalition—revealed his thoughts on the matter saying that he is really happy to see the immense support people are showing to get the issue on the ballot. He said that his team is getting calls from a wide range of people who understand the fact how the prohibition of marijuana is nothing less than a failure. All of these people have been coming out to help by signing the measure.

Michigan Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by Shutterstock.com

Hovey is extremely optimistic after watching the number of people turning up for help. He even said that if people continue with the current momentum, it wouldn’t take more than four months to get the remaining signatures in place. The initially estimated and allowed time by the law for completing the signatures was six months. This goes on to show how eager the people of Michigan are to get the adult-use marijuana legalized.

There were 252.523 valid signatures required in total to get the matter on the 2018 ballot. In case people succeed in getting the matter on the ballot—which they clearly will—and the voters get it approved, it would allow people of and over the age of 21 to possess cannabis. It would also allow the users to cultivate the drug, however, in quite meager amounts. The approved law will also set a legal distribution system up. The system will also look over the licenses required to cultivate the drug, get it processed, tested, and transported to the shops where it will be sold to the end consumers.

The retail sales of recreational marijuana will be subject to a6 % sales and 10% excise tax. The money from these taxations will be used to support roads, local government, and K-12 public schools. The cultivation of industrial hemp will also be legalized.

Marijuana – Image powered by Mlive.com

Back in the year 2014, over 33,000 drug arrests were made in Michigan. The number exceeded last year crossing a staggering 36,000. The saddening fact was that two-thirds of the total drug arrests in 2016 were related to cannabis. Also, around 85% of the cannabis-related arrests were made for possessing minute amounts of the drug.

Fortunately, a medical marijuana law is already in place in this state. It was passed by voters back in the year 2008. The cannabis industry is now beginning to catch up and finally making some profit.

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