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Much Smarter Than Grexit: Greece Could Prosper With Medical Cannabis Production
Author: Michael Knodt  12/07/2017 - 21:25:00

Last week, Greece announced a new law permitting the use of medical cannabis. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stated that Greek doctors will soon be able to prescribe cannabis for various medical purposes. 

It is still unclear whether, like their German or Canadian cannabis counterparts, Greek patients will be able to choose from buds, extracts, and finished medicine. Many of Europe’s medical marijuana patients are limited to finished medicinal products like Marinol as opposed to the wide variety of medicinal cannabis treatments available in other markets. 

Two months ago, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos announced that medical cannabis preparations could be manufactured and packaged in Greece sometime in the future. The rules guiding the exact processes for manufacturing and processing pharmaceutical cannabis are still to be determined. If necessary, a development perspective for production, packaging, and marketing for Greece will be developed by the state, Xanthos emphasized. 

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