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Medical Cannabis Will Soon Be Available in North Dakota
Author: Alice  12/07/2017 - 15:11:00

July 12, 2017 North Dakota 

It is good to see another US state on the verge of joining the medical marijuana-legal states. A tentative timeline has been set for the state officials in order to finally establish an MMJ industry in North Dakota. The ultimate goal is to make sure that medical marijuana is available at the disposal of patients by next spring. 

The Health Department is already out looking for potential businesses that will be interested in manufacturing as well as distributign the drug. The last date for those interested in the job is July 28th. Those interested are to inform the Health Department prior to that. This will also allow the officials to get a brief idea on how interested the market is to serve this infant industry. The good part is that according to Kenan Bullinger—Director of MMJ at the North Dakota Health Department—the state is on the right track, and will be delivering on their promised schedule. 

Kenan also went on to state that he just wants to see the number of businesses that are actually serious about penetrating this industry, regardless of whether they want to be growers or distributors. The voters of ND have already approved medical marijuana last November. The regulations have also been crafted by the Legislature, and approved by Governor Doug Burgum. Seventeen medical conditions have been put in the list of conditions that qualify for the use of medical marijuana. This is in addition to the terminal illnesses.

North Dakota Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by Shutterstock.com

Patients in this state will not be allowed to grow cannabis on their own. Also, they would need to register themselves with the state to qualify for the use of medical marijuana.

The Health Department of ND has also studied what other states have done in this matter. ND officials specifically studied Minnesota’s medical cannabis system to comprehend the amount of time it would take to completely set up medical marijuana and get it running. To get an even better insight, the officials went through the letter of intent which let them in on the potential number of applications they could expect.

Kenan Bullinger said that he wants the application to be thorough and complete. The application process will be opened from the 1st of August and will run till September. As per the officials, it would take about six months to set facilities properly and cultivate the initial medical marijuana crop. Provided everything works out according to the plan, patients will be able to get their hands on medical cannabis as soon as April of 2018.

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The submission of a letter of intent for applicants is completely free. As for the proposals, there will be a $5,000 fee which will be non-refundable. Those who undertake the manufacturing operations will be charged with a $110,000 fee. Moreover, dispensaries will have to pay a $9,000 fee to receive a two-year certificate. Things have been going well for North Dakota so far, and hopefully, will continue to do so!

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