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Is Oregon Decriminalizing All Drugs?
Author: Alice  12/07/2017 - 16:11:00

July 12, 2017 Oregon 

Oregon is decriminalizing meth and heroin. This is a statement without a context, and you don’t need much proof to deem it wrong. This is exactly what happened in this US state. A journalistic offering was misconstrued and has led to people thinking in the wrong direction. 

However, But this, by no means, means that these horrific drugs have or ever will come anywhere near the concept of decriminalization. In fact, the House Bill 2355 will not offer much to people found possessing these drugs. They will still be arrested and would face the criminal justice system like they have always had. If there is one thing that this bill may change for them, it is the fact that the judge may not incur as harsh penalties on the offenders as it did previously. 

There are different definitions of the term ‘decriminalization’. The one that is most commonly used does not cause an offender to deal with a criminal misdemeanor. This definition is what we commonly see in the case of possession of cannabis.

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In places where decriminalization laws are intact, pot offenders are not put behind bars for the minor possession of pot. Instead, they are only issued a citation. The cost of a citation is dependent on the jurisdiction a felon faces. Oregon, pretty much like any other US state, does not let drug offenders get off the hook with ease. The saddening fact, however, is that there still are a few people who are sentenced to prison for the same acts others only faced minor citations for. In addition, such unfortunate people are also often charged with fines worth thousands of dollars.

This is a gray area in law-enforcement and certainly affects the rights of people governed by the state’s laws. On the brighter side, this bill 2355 is a step taken in just the right direction. The US has continued to put drug offenders behind bars for decades now. Despite regular warnings issued by health and policy experts, no one cared to bat an eye, letting the issue getting worse with time.

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On the other hand, there are countries that have countered the problem with common sense. One great example is that of Portugal where the possession of illegal drugs is subject to no criminal penalties. It was back in the year 2001 when Portugal announced its decriminalization policy allowing drug offenders to gain easier access to programs designed for their treatment. The results speak for themselves. Since 2001, Portugal has had the lowest overdose rates compared to all of Europe. Furthermore, cases of detrimental illnesses like AIDS have also seen a decline.

This led the UN as well as the WHO to make a joint statement about decriminalizing drugs around the globe. Both the organizations said that the measure has proven to bring great results for Portugal, and it is likely to do so for the rest of the world. The US government, however, still struggles to accept the fact and head for a decriminalization. They believe that it could welcome a more downtrodden society, instead of fixing the current issues.

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