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Alaska Weighing its Options with Public Marijuana Consumption
Author: Duke London  11/07/2017 - 21:16:00

Alaska legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2015, but until this year, consumers found it difficult to get their hands on any merchandise. Now that the supply issue has been addressed, the problem for Alaskan lawmakers is where exactly satisfied cannabis patrons can enjoy their purchases after shopping. 

Today, the Alaska Marijuana Control Board will meet in Fairbanks to discuss the merits of three different courses of action the state can take on public marijuana consumption. Tomorrow, the board will decide whether or not to implement one of the three plans, which include allowing consumption at approved licensed facilities, public consumption of edibles only, or a two-year moratorium on the topic altogether. 

One major Alaskan city is speaking up in favor of social use because local businesses are starting to complain about roaming smokers. Assembly members from Anchorage prepared a resolution in support of public consumption, submitting it to the state board prior to their Tuesday conference.

Anchorage assembly member Christopher Constant explained, “The proposal is to ask the Marijuana Control Board to follow through with the proposal they’ve been working on which is to come up with a way for us to effectively regulate the public consumption in downtown.”

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