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Globs to Watch: Oakland Extracts Features Exotic Flavors
Author: Greg Zeman  11/07/2017 - 17:55:00

Oakland, California is a — if not the — capital of the California cannabis concentrate culture and industry. So it’s no surprise that one of NorCal’s finest BHO brands calls “The Town” home and claim’s its official name for its own. 

Cannabis extract enthusiasts just celebrated 710 — the super-concentrated cousin of 420. In the marijuana mecca of Norther California, those celebrations featured the creations of countless cannabis concentrators, making it all but impossible to pick a single “best” from the bunch: When it comes to professionally processed extracts, NorCal is an embarrassment of riches. 

But as the industry moves away from its Wild West roots and into the mainstream business world, there are some rising 710 stars who consistently exemplify the craft of extraction while elevating their brand and growing their market reach; companies that offer clean, consistent products in a broad array of unique terpene profiles to as many people as possible.

One such 710 star is Oakland Extracts, which also uses the brand name Terps of the Town. This company checks all the boxes; they source unique strains and flavors, they create a high-quality, lab-tested product and they put in the legwork to expand the reach of their products to as many dispensaries, events and other outlets as they can.

If there’s one aesthetic feature of Oakland Extracts’ BHO that is most identified with the company, it’s the small, round “cookies” of BHO crumble they offer.

As a person who tends to gravitate towards shatter — and they make exceptional shatter as well — I’m still shocked by how terpy and easy to handle these things are. But honestly, it’s just something about the vanilla wafer look and size of the company’s crumble grams that makes them stand out.

This is how distinctive the look is: I actually tried my first Oakland Extracts “cookie” in a blind test (while assisting the legendary Debby Goldsberry in her Cannabis Cup judging efforts) and I knew it was one of theirs — that “cookie tech” look is unmistakeable.

But looks are just that — it’s all about the terps. And if you love sativas (like I do), you will simply adore the high-energy impacts and full pungency of the crumble wafers run from Dragon Fish Farms’ otherworldly Red Congolese flowers; a masterful rendition of a legendary landrace strain that sells out almost as quickly as it appears in the few dispensaries that can get their hands on it.

The Oakland Extracts extraction captures the high-intensity, almost astringent pungency and limonene sharpness of the strain, while still providing an exceptionally smooth vapor that performs acrobatically on a heated dab nail.

The impacts are deeply stimulating but, as many people who try it note, not especially “speedy,” which is the big complaint for a lot of sativas. A generous dab had me excitedly tending to some long-neglected writing, so it’s fair to say it stimulates creativity.

Dragon Fish is also featured in the similarly pungent and stimulating Red Alien crumble, but since I’m a certified shatter lover, I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight the real standout from the latest Oakland Extracts drop: the Malawi Mimosa nug run.

In terms of clarity, it’s like gazing through a golden crystal — perfectly transparent. The color is a glittering canary gold that practically glows on its own. The terps are complex and sweet, dominated by a pithy tropical fruit zest and an herbaceous effervescence that flirts with the gentler side of blue point juniper. The impacts are instantly euphoric and provide a relaxed but energetic undercurrent for deep thought or focused activity.

Other shatter offerings like Lono Haze and Island Sweet Skunk offer similarly intense, exotic flavor profiles, but even when they’re extracting a domestic regular like the ubiquitous Gorilla Glue#4, Oakland Extracts always captures the most enticing slices of any flavor profile.

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