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Medical Marijuana Now Legal in Puerto Rico
Author: Alice  11/07/2017 - 13:57:00

July 11, 2017 Puerto Rico 

As time progresses, we are coming to realize that getting medical cannabis legalized was the easier part of the job. Getting it regulated is where major issues are occurring. There are only a few states among the 30 with legalized medical marijuana that are making the most out of this infant industry. 

Other places, countries and territories, continue to join the world of legalized medical cannabis. A recent addition was Puerto Rico. The governor of this territory—Governor Ricardo Rossello—recently signed the bill to make medical cannabis legal. 

Ricardo has also made it clear that improvements will be made regarding the research and development of medical cannabis in order to gain more insight on the prolific aspect of this drug. It took around two years for the residents of Puerto Rico to get to use cannabis inside the legal parameters. The bill to legalize the drug was proposed back in the year 2015, but it was suspended by Ricardo who stated that the bill was insufficient to regulate the drug in a proper manner. 

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He said that the last administration did not take the legislative process into consideration and announced the regulations without even discussing it with the representatives that were elected by the people. Ricardo further went on to state that people who doubted the fact that legalization could actually go on to get a grip over the legislature were straight out wrong in their assumption.

Governor Ricardo Rossello is also a scientist. During an interview, he told the press that he was well aware of the benefits of medical cannabis for patients suffering from different diseases. He said that the new administration has been working on a more creative framework for the drug since the day it came into power. The framework was being designed for the proper regulation of the industry. He stated that this required putting all the experts to work.

According to him, the advanced legislation that is proposed takes into account medical marijuana as an alternative treatment to the different medical problems. The good part is that MMJ is being regarded as an alternative treatment method while ensuring all the safety aspects of the general public.

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Governor Rossello has been a scientist since long before he took charge of his current post. He believes that the law is required to address major health issues in the territory. Ricardo Rossello has been a student of economics and biomedical engineering in MIT. He has also received a Ph.D in his field of study from the University of Michigan. In addition, Ricardo has also conducted research on stem cells at Duke University.

Ricardo believes that it is high time that Puerto Rico joined the many other states and countries with a similar legislation. The newly introduced law in the territory will also assist greatly in regulating the tax revenue. It will steer this revenue towards healthcare which is a move in a positive direction. 10% of the tax from the sales and use of medical cannabis will be forwarded to Rio Medical Center Stones’ Trauma Hospital.

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