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Maryland Approves State’s First Medical Dispensary
Author: John McClain  10/07/2017 - 21:10:00

The state of Maryland has approved its first cannabis dispensary. 

The Wellness Institute of Maryland is the first dispensary to open in Maryland. Maryland residents have waited through years of issues and legal battles to get medical cannabis to waiting patients. 

“We are fully equipped to deliver medicine as soon as we have it,” owner Michael Kline told the Baltimore Sun after the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission approved his license. He said the company will begin taking pre-orders started seeing patients Thursday. 

The Wellness Institute plans on one-on-one consultations and strain recommendations for patients similar to going to a doctors office. Information is available on the company’s website,  which also mentions plans for home delivery

The first crop of cannabis grown in the state is expected to be ready after Labor Day. ForwardGro was given its full permit in May.

A second company, Curio Wellness, is waiting on final approval, though details have not been released regarding the delay.

A temporary ban on receiving licenses for growing was recently lifted in Maryland’s highest court. The temporary ban was placed after a company whose license wasn’t approved argued that the state had failed to consider diversity in applications.

Maryland has almost 9,000 patients signed up to register for the state’s program. That number does not include patients in other ststes authorized to purchase in Maryland.  Unfortunately, not even two percent of the state’s doctors have signed up to be able to prescribe cannabis to patients. The state broadened the laws to enable dentists, nurse-practitioners, midwives and more to prescribe, but only a few have done so.

The growers and processors that were given temporary licenses by the state have until August 15th to get final approval.

Maryland has given temporary licenses to over 100 companies interested in opening dispensaries.

Original article from ireadculture:Maryland Approves State’s First Medical Dispensary


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