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Cannabis News Network: It’s darkest before dawn
Author: Sylent Jay  10/07/2017 - 09:59:00

Medicinal cannabis is becoming more and more accepted the world over, as an increasing number of countries is moving towards a health-focused approach to the plant. 

Good news for patients, one would say. But the fight isn’t over yet, as shown in this report from Cannabis News Network. 

CBD can be obtained in many countries in which cannabis is still illegal. Its medicinal benefits have been proven over and over again, making it a somewhat accessible medicine for those who need it. 

But not for all of them. This is for instance still an issue for Irish citizen Vera Twomey,  who has been fighting for CBD oil access for her daughter, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome.

On the other hand, other countries are moving towards controlled medicinal cannabis programs, handing out licenses to big companies, such as Pharmacielo in Colombia, whose board of directors includes former executives from Philip Morris and Bayer.

The legality of medicinal cannabis is an ever-changing concept, especially currently, as we near an almost-worldwide interest for it.

Learn more about current regulations and efforts, in this new in-depth report.

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