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InMed Signs R&D Agreement with ATERA
Author: Bryan Mc Govern 10/07/2017 - 16:12:00

InMed Pharmaceuticals (CSE:; OTCQB:IMLFF) entered into a research and development collaboration with ATERA

As quoted in the press release: 

Under the terms of the agreement, ATERA will develop 3D human skin models of Epidermolysis Bullosa (‘EB’) to evaluate the in vitro drug efficacy of InMed’s lead compound, INM-750, a proprietary, topical cannabinoid product candidate targeted as a therapy in EB and other potential dermatological and wound-healing applications. ATERA will also investigate the beneficial effects of topically applied INM-750 at ultra-structural cellular and molecular levels on in vitro 3D reconstructed human full thickness (dermis-epidermis) skin models composed of both normal and EB-derived skin cells. 

“INM-750 has demonstrated significant potential in pre-clinical models to address symptomatic improvement of EB including accelerated wound healing and a reduction in pain, itch and inflammation.  This project with ATERA is designed to assess the potential of INM-750 to have an impact in disease reversal, further supporting our current data indicating an up-regulation in specific keratins in the skin”, stated Dr. Sazzad Hossain, CSO of InMed. “By utilizing full-thickness skin models derived from EB skin samples, we can better validate INM-750’s target effect and efficacy in vitro ahead of our upcoming clinical trial program.”

Click here to read the full press release.

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