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UK Plans on Offering A 1,800 Square-Foot Research Facility for Cannabis
Author: Alice  20/06/2017 - 14:04:00

June 20, 2017 UK 

Marijuana has been the center of attention for a number of countries throughout the Americas and Europe. While a few lucky ones like Canada are looking forward to a nationwide legalization of cannabis, the is preparing to spend its valuable time, money, and resources in order to learn more about the prolific aspects of this drug. 

The United Kingdom has been going through a rough patch recently. From the two terrorist attacks that took place to the recent fire outage in an apartment building that led to numerous casualties, nothing has been going right for the British. In these dark times, marijuana might just be a reason for the people of the UK to cheer up a little. Yes! MediPen Ltd, UK’s cannabinoid biotechnology company, is planning to launch a separate dedicated research facility for cannabis. 

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The launch is planned to take place this very summer. The purpose of setting up this research facility is to find out more about the drug, and if more value can be added to it. The research facility is an open platform for anyone interested in availing the massive 1,800 square-foot of space for research in this area.

MediPen Ltd. is among the very first biotechnology companies that have developed a vapor product. It is also one of the most successful companies when it comes to selling non-psychoactive CBD vaporizers. These vaporizers are, however, still working on acquiring a license. The pending license is to be issued by the British Home Office. The primary goal of the research facility being provided will be to use controlled compounds like THC. Such compounds will be imported for further research on them.

MediPen plans on studying vaporizers and find out if they can be helpful in treating major diseases like cancer. To be more precise, they are working to see if these vapes may help minimize the augmented effects—vomiting and nausea—of cancer treatments that are based on chemotherapy. Another point of the study is to try and suppress metastasis via constraining the outburst of cancer cells.

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Due to its good reputation and attempts to help the people, the National Health Service—NHS—has made a deal with MediPen. The core motive of the contract is to enhance the safety and quality of cannabinoid goods throughout the UK. The devices produced by MediPen were even tested by NHS.

One of the representatives from MediPen said in an interview,

“As it stands, there is a significant amount of scientific data available detailing the powerful effects of cannabinoids within cell culture systems and in vivo,”

GW Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, is also working on the development of a medicine based on CBD. It is using its own facility to conduct the research. The research facility that MediPen is offering, is, however, quite different from GW Pharmaceuticals’.

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The research facility offered by MediPen will be available to those who have made cannabis-based innovations. Such people will be encouraged to make the most of the state of the art Research and Development facility being provided to them.

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