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Two-Day Veto Session to Be Held in Vermont
Author: Alice  20/06/2017 - 15:59:00

June 20, 2017 Vermont 

A lot of people think that the governor of Vermont has some personal issues with cannabis, much like what it seems with Jeff Sessions. However, that is certainly a false notion. Phil is, in fact, one of the advocates of medical marijuana. Unfortunately, when it came to the recreational use, the drug posed several issues for the state, which led the governor to issue several vetoes. 

Apart from that, if the bill had not been vetoed, it would have left the people of Vermont with the permission to cultivate their own marijuana in addition to the possession of an ounce of the drug. 

Among the major concerns that Phil put forward was related to DUI. He wanted the penalties to be much stronger for those caught driving under the influence of marijuana. Another major concern addressed by the governor was related to the consumption of this drug in front of minors. Phil wants a complete ban on using the drug in front of minors. 

Vermont Flag – Image powered by Shutterstock.com

It is for those reasons that he went on to veto the bill. It was set that the bill will be reconstructed taking into account the safety concerns mentioned, and will be proposed on June 21st. The lawmakers of Vermont will gather to work on the vetoes. The session will be spread around two days where these lawmakers will discuss and propose ways to counter the issues highlighted.

These issues will not be the only one addressed in these two-day meetings. Scott has also vetoed the state’s budget. Scott also gave a pretty valid reason for doing so. He said that the health insurance plan for teachers was not passed. By introducing a plan though, the taxpayer could have easily saved around $26 million annually.

As of the moment, negotiations are underway with the governor and lawmakers in order to come up with alternative solutions for the vetoed proposals. The reconstructed proposals will then be put forward on 21st June, 2017.

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If everything goes well and Vermont Governor Phil Scott approves the newly proposed bill, it will be good news for the residents of the state. They will finally be allowed to use recreational pot, possess a small amount, and even cultivate cannabis within their residence. The good part is that lawmakers seem confident going into the Veto Session this Wednesday.

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