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New Public Cannabis Research Facility to Open in England
Author: John McClain  19/06/2017 - 19:54:00

An England-based medical cannabis company wants to drive innovation in the medical industry with a new research facility open for other cannabis companies to use. 

The cannabinoid biotechnology company, MediPen Ltd. is opening a 1,800 square-foot research facility this summer and is offering its research facility as a public access platform to research medical cannabis. It will also be opening its doors to other medical cannabis companies who will be allowed to use the facility’s research and development network, testing facilities, legal advice and board business. 

MediPen is also working on a license from the local home office to further study the cannabinoids, including THC. The company plans on studying the cannabinoid and its ability to alleviate nausea in cancer patients and, possibly, prevent cancer cells from spreading in tumors.

“As it stands there is a significant amount of scientific data available detailing the powerful effects of cannabinoids within cell culture systems and in vivo,” a representative told The Independent. “However, we plan to be amongst the first in the world to begin clinical trials on humans.”

MediPen made headlines last year after it had its vaporizer tested by the National Health Service, the first commercial cannabis product to be tested.

Cannabis is not officially recognized as having therapeutic value in England and Wales. According to a poll put on by Populus and End Our Pain, 68 percent of UK adults support the legalization of cannabis for medical use. Late 2015, over 200,000 signed a petition to legalize cannabis for medical use, but it was grounded before debate could happen.

The U.K. has approved one cannabis-based medication, Sativex, which is allowed to be prescribed by doctors. Earlier this year, the NHS prescribed CBD oil to a 11-year-old boy who had been traveling to the U.S. to procure the medical cannabis to aid his epilepsy. CBD oil is legal in the U.K.

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