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PotCoin Sends Dennis Rodman to North Korea
Author: Addison Herron- Wheeler 19/06/2017 - 20:05:00

Cannabis cryptocurrency company PotCoin is sponsoring former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s recently announced trip back to North Korea to spend time with his old friend, Kim Jong-un, the country’s supreme leader. 

Rodman has stated that he is going to North Korea “to open a door” and improve tense relations between Jong-un and President Trump, according to the Associated Press. Aside from a few hints such as this, Rodman has been pretty quiet about his trip, citing the tensions between the two countries at present as a reason to keep silent. He stated that it has been “A little hot, baby, it’s a little hot,” between the two nations so far. “But it’s cool, it’s cool,” he added. 

PotCoin comes into the picture because they decided to sponsor Rodman’s trip. Although they don’t offer more insight into why Rodman is traveling, they claim that because he was once a part of Trump’s The Apprentice and is also friends with Jong-un, Rodman “is in the rare position to be able to claim long-time friendships with both the Supreme Leader of North Korea, as well as with the current President of the United States” and could possible make some headway as far as negotiation goes. 

So far, Rodman has stated that he has no intention of talking to Jong-un about the Americans imprisoned in South Korea, but is simply looking forward to spending time with the Supreme Leader and the North Korean people.

Since the announcement, PotCoin’s value has risen over 60 percent thanks to the sponsorship, and are gaining international attention due to Rodman’s trip. Whether this will have any overall positive bearing for the cannabis industry or political ties with North Korea is yet to be seen.

Original article from ireadculture:PotCoin Sends Dennis Rodman to North Korea


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