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Cannabis-themed gifts for every dad
Author: Kiara Manns  16/06/2017 - 18:28:00

Buying a gift for moms is often much easier than buying a gift for dads. Luckily, if your dad is a fan of cannabis, then your options are endless. If you have ever struggled with what give your old man on Father’s Day, worry not, for CULTURE has compiled a list of unique and fun ideas will be great options for any canna-dads. From tools to accessories, both hemp and cannabis products can be found anywhere. This weekend, honor dad by giving him a thoughtful gift that plays on his passion for cannabis and hemp. 


Our team has already written about the wonders of hempcrete in the past, but in case you might have missed it, it’s a green alternative construction material. If your dad’s hobbies include building things with his hands and perfecting his skills on home improvement, this might be just the thing gift for him. Look in your area to see if there are any hempcrete construction workshops, or buy it online from one of many vendors that sell it. 

Dads who like to work with their hands to fix up a broken pipe or renovate a room will find their skin coarse and dry from handling tools and harsh materials. Providing him a hemp-based hand cream like Hempz will help soothe callouses and provide lasting moisture and protection for his skin. Hemp is full of fatty acids that our skin loves to absorb, allowing the effects to be even resistant against water.


Some dads are more active, and seek out the thrill of outdoor activities. Keep your eye out for bikes made from hemp tend to be lightweight and of course, biodegradable to boot. Or you can even let your dad live out his youth with a skateboard also made from hemp! Give those maple trees a break and watch dad try to pull out his old moves from the past and shred.

Because hemp fibers are UV resistant, any product with constant sun exposure will be safe from quick deterioration. This makes hemp-based surfboards perfect for sunny beach and salty water. If your dad loves the waves this is a present not to be overlooked.

Although not as exciting as a skateboard or bike, pair your gift with a jar of hemp protein powder, which will help provide him with the highest vegan/vegetarian source of protein, ensuring that he builds and maintains healthy muscles.


Practically any form of clothing can be created using hemp material. Not only is it lightweight but it is also stronger than cotton, making it long-lasting. Your father won’t have to sacrifice good looks for quality clothing! However, instead of the typical gift or shirts and shorts, help your dad keep the time and stay in style with a hemp wristwatch. Watches like these can be easily found at many online retailers and are a great alternative to the heavy metal or leather bands.

Also look out for eyewear products, such as sunglasses and reading glasses, that are crafted from industrial hemp fiber. We can guarantee that hemp-based frames will be something utterly unique to keep your dad ahead of the trends.

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