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Ban Lifted on Grow Licenses in Maryland
Author: Addison Herron- Wheeler  15/06/2017 - 21:25:00

Thanks to a denied motion, Maryland can officially continue issuing medical grow licenses and move forward with making medical cannabis a reality in the state. 

According to the Associated Press, Maryland’s highest court denied a motion that would continue a temporary restraining order on June 9. This order was keeping the Maryland medical cannabis commission from issuing any new licenses. This was frustrating to many of the patients who had already experienced setbacks waiting for the medical industry to get going. Without an official medical system in place and dispensaries to buy from, those in need are forced to purchase medicine from the black market. 

The order was first put into place due to the legal action of a company called Alternative Medicine. They claimed that the commission did not properly consider diversity when making decisions about which companies should be issued licenses. This claim then halted the process in its tracks, making sure that no new businesses could successfully apply for a license. Since this happened, the industry has been looking for a way to get up and running again.

In an effort to still appease those making this claim, the court has agreed that they will hear the claims of any who feel that they should have been allowed to weigh in against the lawsuit. July 27 is the date set for that hearing. However, since the restraining order has been lifted, new licenses will still be granted. So far, the state has issued out 15 licenses to interested businesses.

Many have expressed mixed emotions on this issue, since one of the major issues facing the cannabis industry today is making things equal for people of color or those who may have been disadvantaged before the plant became legal. However, Maryland residents have been clamoring for medical cannabis and are eager to see the program finally move forward.

Original article from ireadculture:Ban Lifted on Grow Licenses in Maryland


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