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Washington Might Allow Homegrown Non-Medical Cannabis
Author: Alice  15/06/2017 - 06:40:00

While there are many states that have legalized medical marijuana in the US, only a handful have allowed its recreational use. Washington is among the eight states around the US that have legalized the use of recreational or non-medical marijuana. However, it bars the users from growing the plant at home. In fact, it is the only state that has legalized recreational marijuana without allowing the growth of this drug on residential land. 

On the other hand, medical marijuana users can grow a minute amount of cannabis at home. 

However, things might just be on the brink of a major change in the state. There are speculations that the state officials are finally coming around and are soon going to allow homegrown marijuana for non-medical purposes. The Senate Bill 5131—commonly known as the Cannabis Omnibus Bill—directed regulators to conduct a study to find out if allowing homegrown adult-use cannabis will be a feasible measure or not. 

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Its recommendations will be considered and may even result in a bill being proposed in the legislative session to be held in January 2018. While the study is being undertaken and the recommendations are likely to be in favor of the homegrown cannabis advocates, it might still be a bit too early to have our hopes up.

This is mostly because homegrown cannabis has been debated upon several times in the past as well. Unfortunately, never has it resulted in anything prolific. This subject of study has been out there for two years now. It all began with the SB 6083 sponsored by Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles. This bill talked about allowing adults to grow a maximum of six cannabis plants on a residential property.

LCB, the agency assigned the feasibility study, opposed the bill back then. It argued that allowing homegrown cannabis will allow more access of the drug to youth. There were several other issues raised in the bill which resulted in it not being passed.

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On the bright side, the 2017 session looks more promising. The bill that would allow growing six cannabis plants at home for personal use got passed. It was all going well up till this point after which, everything fell flat. The bill died after being forwarded to the Finance Committee.

John Novak—an MMJ advocate—said,

“We were told it was because of lack of support in the Senate,”

The Marijuana Policy Project that has been responsible for most of the legalization measures has always included homegrown cannabis with every single bill they have put forward. Morgan Fox from MPP said in an interview,

“We firmly believe that marijuana should be regulated very similarly to alcohol, and home brewing is legal in most states,”

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Fox further stated that taking part in the retail market must never be a criterion for those who use recreational marijuana. This is why it is of utmost importance that home cultivation of the drug is allowed.

While the Omnibus bill is in action, the past events regarding the matter bar everyone from having their hopes up.

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