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Canada Will Not Decriminalize Recreational Marijuana as of Now
Author: Alice  15/06/2017 - 08:40:00

Canada is yet to take a wrong step concerning medical marijuana. The country is far beyond the chapter of medical marijuana legalization though, and is now on the verge of legalizing recreational cannabis under the Cannabis Act that is set to take place in July 2018. 

The Canadian government and its people are one. The government does not give its public any reason to part ways, unlike what we see in the US, where the federal and state governments continue to fight. However, Canadians don’t want to wait till the new year to enjoy recreational cannabis. Just in the beginning of this month, there was a report published by a Medical Office that the government should not wait for the next year. Instead, adult-use cannabis should be decriminalized without any delays. 

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The report which was issued by Dr. Eileen de Villa was to be reviewed on June 12th, 2017.

Dr. Eileen raised a point that those arrested for the possession of adult-use cannabis face dire consequences that bring down the quality of their personal and work life. It makes it difficult for them to get employed or access housing, and leads to a deteriorated economic status. If the decriminalization is left undecided for next year, it leaves a lot people in danger of getting convicted prior to the legalization next year.

She estimated that around 59,000 charges could take place before the legalization. This would result in around 22,000 convictions before the summer of 2018, and all this for the possession of something that is already on the verge of legalization.

The New Democratic Party supported de Villa’s stance on the matter and showed desire to get the drug decriminalized before it ruins the life of this many people. The NDP wanted immediate action from the very point it was decided that recreational marijuana would be legalized next year. A lot of cannabis advocates support the decision not just because they are in favor of the drug, but also because it is a highly practical move.

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There have been a lot of people speaking up in this matter. The sad part is that despite the countless number of requests, there has been no action. The Liberals were not okay with the decriminalization attempt from the very beginning. They claim that taking the measure right now will lead to organized crime.

While speaking in the House of Commons, Trudeau said,

“We believe in the legalization and regulation of marijuana because it protects our kids and keeps money out of the pockets of criminal organizations and street gangs,”

He further stated that discriminating recreational marijuana now would allow criminal organizations access to legal income streams which is something no one would want. Jack Lloyd is a lawyer who sees things differently. He says that decriminalization of small amounts of recreational cannabis will not affect organized crime in any way. He argues that prohibition of the adult-use cannabis would, in fact, lead to more cannabis related problems. Jack stated,

“Prohibition is the cause, not the solution, to the problems the government associates with cannabis.”

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Jack Llloyd believes that taking the measure immediately would be good for the society. Besides, if the government eventually plans to legalize the drug, it is only wise to first decriminalize it. The government still hasn’t offered any hope in this matter.

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