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AG Jeff Sessions Called Out by Oregon Senator
Author: Monterey Bud  14/06/2017 - 16:25:00

On Tuesday, United States Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) called out U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – not once, but twice. First, Wyden interrogated the Atty. Gen. over his recusal from the ongoing Russian probe, then he issued a statement responding to Sessions’ request of congressional leaders, rebuking the AG’s request that the DOJ be allowed to prosecute medical marijuana providers as they see fit. 

Per Sen. Wyden’s website, the Oregon Democrat noted approximately 90% of all U.S. states allow for some formal legal marijuana – and that it’s time for the elected officials to represent their constituents. 

“Voters in Oregon and other states that have chosen to legalize marijuana should not have their votes thrown in the trash by this administration. It’s past time for Congress to stand up to this administration and begin to responsibly address our outdated federal marijuana laws.” 

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