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Rebel With a Cause: The One Conservative Who Voted For Legal Pot
Author: Jon Hiltz  13/06/2017 - 23:06:00

The legalization of marijuana in Canada has brought about many questions throughout the process. What will the final age limit be? Where will marijuana be sold? And will there be restrictions on advertising for pot companies? 

The only aspect of this enigmatic experience that we have been able to predict is where the political party lines have been drawn on the issue. 

The Liberals, of course, want to pass their bill and make marijuana legal for all adults. The New Democrats (NDP) want to do the same, but also eliminate arrests and convictions for possession immediately. The Conservative Party has been historically predictable, not wanting to legalize at all. 

That goes for all Conservatives except one. 

During the second reading of Bill C-45, Conservative MP Scott Reid was the only outlier among the group, voting in favour of legalization. This change is a refreshing outlook amongst a sea of unsurprising dissension from Reid’s party on the issue.

“We have a policy as a party that possession of marijuana should be a ticket offense,” said Reid in an interview with Marijuana.com. “There’s what the party supports, and there are my own views, which are two separate things.”

Reid goes on to explain that he has been of the mind for quite some time that marijuana should be legal for adults. “I’ve been an advocate of marijuana legalization since before the beginning of my political career. My own view is based on being a libertarian and believing that we should not have victimless crimes. Also, having a safe supply and ending the existence of revenue sources for organized crime is a good thing.”

Regardless of Reid’s difference in opinion with his party, he has never received any pressure from them to change his mind and join their ranks on the issue. “This is not new for me, I published a paper in 2001. Within a year of my first election, it was widely known that I was an advocate of marijuana legalization. Not decriminalization but of full legalization. People have respectfully disagreed, but [other than that] it has never been a problem.”

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