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Jamaica Exports Its First Shipment of Marijuana Oil to Canada
Author: Sarah Parfitt  14/10/2018 - 07:43:00

The Jamaica Minister of Agriculture, Audley Shaw, reports that the first shipment of medical marijuana oil has left Jamaican soil and is on its way to Canada. The Canadian government approved a special permit to allow the import to take place.

The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) has commented that exporting medical marijuana oil is a “major target” for the agency, Caribbean Life reports. The Health Canada import permit was obtained for Jamaica-based Timeless Herbal Care

Shaw said, “Jamaica is uniquely positioned to be a global player and we are committed to providing the leadership and resources required for opening the international markets, including Canada and Europe, for our licensed and regulated Jamaican companies.”


Original article from only420.com: Jamaica Exports Its First Shipment of Marijuana Oil to Canada


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