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Canadian Police and Military Can Legally Smoke Marijuana (as of Oct 17)
Author: Dan Kingston  14/10/2018 - 08:35:00

Canada will legalize recreational marijuana use on Oct 17, and some of the country’s provinces have said that their police officers can use recreational marijuana when off-duty. Officers in Montreal, Ottawa, Regina and Vancouver have received the green light. The officers just have to be “fit for service” when on-duty.

Not all of Canada has adopted a marijuana policy for those in official positions, such as police officers, according to The Guardian. Vancouver officers will “self-evaluate” their mental clarity. In other jurisdictions, a common sense approach is being taken.

Evan Bray, the Regina police chief, said, “We don’t tell our employees they cannot drink alcohol in their own time, away from work.

Supt David Haye of the Saskatoon Police said, “It’s just like any other workplace: you can’t come to work if you’re impaired by alcohol or a drug, even if the drug is prescription medicine.”

Those serving in the Canadian military will also be permitted to use marijuana. But the marijuana use must be at least 8-hours before they’re scheduled to report for duty.


Original article from only420.com: Canadian Police and Military Can Legally Smoke Marijuana (as of Oct 17)


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