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Chemmy Jones
Author: Robert Bergman  09/10/2018 - 20:51:00

Information about Chemmy Jones:

Chemdawg is a legend in the world of marijuana for its great flavors and uplifting cerebral high. And while the original is quite finicky plant in the grow room, its phenotype ‘Chemdawg D’ is sturdier. Not only that, it is much more vigorous compared to the former.

To enhance its taste, Connoisseur Genetics backcrossed Chemdawg D multiple times and then crossed it with the award-winning Sativa dominant strain Casey Jones. By doing so, they increased the offspring’s potency, deliciousness, and ability to deliver an intense high that unleashes one’s creativity.

Without a doubt, Chemmy Jones is one of the most delightful wake-and-bake treats in the cannabis industry. Its terpene profile is a complementary mix of sour diesel and freshly picked citric fruit. Drawn in, its psychoactive compounds induce a mentally stimulating high that helps start the day right. Moreover, its bodily effects keep users from feeling tired.


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