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Post-legalization, Canadians can domestically travel with 30 grams of marijuana
Author: Alice  08/10/2018 - 15:32:00

October 08, 2018, Canada

Just a couple of months ago, Canada became the only second country in the world to legalize adult-use cannabis. The country succeeded in materializing this historic measure after two years of extensive legislative and non-legislative debate. The blanket cannabis legalization act allows every adult Canadian to possess up to one ounce of the strain and to cultivate four plants. Since the legalization is nationwide and legalizes all forms of cannabis, therefore the federal and provincial governments are tasked with dealing all its far-reaching implications.

Every other day, federal or any provincial government is coming up with laws to regulate different aspects of marijuana legalization. For instance, the federal government has recently rolled out weed regulations for domestic air travel. As per the rule, Canadians will be permitted to fly with 30 grams of marijuana on them after the promulgation of blanket legalization.

Cannabis legalization - Image powered by Newsweek.com

It is difficult for a regular cannabis consumer to estimate how much 30 grams of marijuana would be. According to experts, 30 grams of cannabis bud in a rolled form means 60-75 joints. Nevertheless, this number is subjected to change depending on the density of a particular strain. The rule is also being called lenient in comparison to the legal status of marijuana in other jurisdictions. The amount entails that a regular cannabis user can travel all across the country with two weeks of his stash in the luggage.

However, the Canadian Minister of Transport has categorically made it clear that the rule won’t be applied on international travel. Passengers with international destinations will have to abide by the laws of their host countries. This will be the same for all those flights bound for legal US states such as Colorado and California because US federal laws still consider marijuana as an illegal commodity.

The transportation ministry hasn’t finalized the penalties and punishments for passengers bringing cannabis through security for international travel. Airport security can easily whiff a luggage packing 30 grams of the strain. So, passengers are advised to resist the urge to flight international with cannabis on them.

Edibles are not allowed - Image powered by Gannett-cdn.com

Similarly, the laws regarding edibles are still in a gray territory. This means passengers can be penalized if they get caught with edibles. Therefore, it will be better for passengers to only fly with a prescribed amount of cannabis bud and just on domestic flights.

Having the right to domestically fly with cannabis doesn’t mean other cannabis laws across the country are also same. The cannabis act has permitted the provincial and local governments to implement their own set of rules regarding the possession and consumption of the strain. For example, public consumption of the strain is not allowed in every province. Similarly, provinces also have different legislation on domestic cultivation and personal possession of the strain.

Therefore, passengers must know the pertinent cannabis laws of the province they are traveling to. By keeping these few things in check, Canadians passengers can safely traverse through the domestic skies of the country with their pot.

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