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First cannabis café opens in Ireland
Author: Darrel  02/10/2018 - 15:28:00

Cannabis is largely a prohibited commodity in Ireland. Recreational use of the strain is completely banned, while medicinal use is only allowed on the case-to-case basis, decided by the Ministry of Health. However, a café in Waterford City has started selling the flower and infused beverages without infringing upon any legal boundary. The products offered by Blooms Café are rich in CBD and contain a negligible amount of THC considered permissible by the law.

Even though Blooms has formally become the first marijuana coffee shop of Ireland, nevertheless, it is not anything like the infamous coffee shops in Amsterdam. Firstly, consumers won’t be allowed to consume cannabis on the premises and the sidewalk of the café. Secondly, the café is not going to sell any THC-based product.

In order to remain in legal ambit, cannabis products offered by the café can’t exceed the limit of 0.2 percent THC. This means only hemp and CBD-only strain will be used by the café to prepare its menu. However, customers can cherish CBD-infused coffees at the café prepared from the strain grown in Croatia.

Prospects of Ireland’s first cannabis café

Prospects of Ireland’s first cannabis café - Image powered by Irishpost.com

Blooms Café doesn’t represent the quintessential cannabis culture. But still, it’s no mean task to open a cannabis café in a country where the strain doesn’t have any legal footing in the legislation. The opening of this one-of-a-kind café also shows that businesses are willing to join the cannabis industry. The Café operators are hopeful that their facility will be crammed by visitors for two major reasons.

  • Many people will visit just out of curiosity. Cannabis café is still a wild concept for the most part of the world. So, sipping a cannabis-infused latte, even if it doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects, will be something special for many.
  • CBD is now largely considered as a therapeutic cannabinoid. So, many people will come to the café to enjoy a coffee that doesn’t just have its own benefits but also improved by the therapeutic tendencies of CBD.

CBD market: A rapidly growing market

A rapidly growing market - Image powered by Solcbd.com

Cannabis plants are comprised of more than 100 macromolecules called cannabinoids. Not all cannabinoids tend to produce the psychoactive high attributed to the strain. Only THC and its derivative cannabinoids are responsible for producing psychoactive effects. On the other hand, cannabinoids such as CBD are being extensively researched for its therapeutic attributes.

For that reason, governments and regulators have started to treat this cannabinoid differently. Use of CBD also becomes acceptable in many cases because it is also extracted from hemp, which is widely known as a commercial crop. Medical use of cannabis is mainly attributed to the effects of CBD in the body. Scientists have studied CBD for its therapeutic effects against inflammation, cancer tumors. Though underlying reasons are still unknown, CBD is also believed to improve the nerve function. Due to CBD’s vast therapeutic potential, Forbes has predicted that its market will cross the mark of $2 billion in the next two years.

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