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Lesotho: Legal Cultivation Brings Canadian Investors to Africa’s Cannabis Kingdom
Author: Bill Weinberg  21/09/2018 - 17:00:00

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Lesotho punches above its weight where cannabis production is concerned and international investors are noticing. With cannabis just decriminalized in South Africa — which borders Lesotho on all sides — this is a promising sign for the entire region.

Amid the big news of cannabis decriminalization in South Africa this week, many are turning an eye to the burgeoning legal cultivation sector in the country’s smaller neighbor: Lesotho.

Surrounded on all sides by South Africa, the mountain fastness of Lesotho is a country with a deeply traditional constitutional monarchy. It’s biggest real export has long been its young men, who seek employment in South Africa and send money home. But since the job market in South Africa contracted some 10 years ago, struggling families have been turning to cannabis cultivation — and exporting that to South Africa instead, on the black market.

Lesotho’s rulers recognize that cannabis is serving as a kind of economic safety valve and have taken a tolerant approach. Some observers have even called it a “de facto decriminalization.”

Now the country is getting an officially legal cultivation sector as well, and prospects are looking bright for Lesotho cannabis on the global market.

Cannabis Capital in Africa’s Mountain Kingdom

Recently, legal cannabis producers in Canada have begun eyeing cultivation projects in Lesotho.

This wave of international interest got rolling just a year ago, when Lesotho issued the first cannabis cultivation license ever on the African continent to a local company called Verve Dynamics. Now, another Ontario company, Aphria Inc, recently announced a joint venture with Verve Dynamics to supply cannabis isolates for the global market.



Original article from cannabisnowmagazine.com: Lesotho: Legal Cultivation Brings Canadian Investors to Africa’s Cannabis Kingdom


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