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G-Spot Glass Stand-Up Sherlock Bubbler Pipe
Author: Marijuana Product Review  07/08/2018 - 18:41:00

G-Spot has been known for high-end, German-made borosilicate glass bongs with their innovative, practically indestructible tank joints for nearly two decades. Now pipe smokers can also get in on G-Spot style and quality with their series of high grade borosilicate glass hand pipes!

This cool stand-up sherlock bubbler hand pipe is made of smooth and glossy borosilicate glass decorated with sparkly dichro and colorful ribbons. Beneath the bowl, a built-in diffuser helps to filter tar and carcinogens from smoke with just a little water in the chamber. Its flat bottom allows the pipe to stand safely on any flat surface, while its curvy stem and rounded mouthpiece allow for a comfortable toke. Because each pipe is individually handmade, the colors and pattern on your pipe may vary slightly from the pipes shown in the photos.

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