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Cashinbis Re-Brands as Upscale Media In less than a year, “Cashinbis” transformed from an unheard-of San Diego startup to one of the most renowned B2B digital publications in the legal cannabis industry, covering the entrepreneurs, technology, and issues that are driving the field out of the black market. This week, the company announced […]

Doctor, What Is The Dose Of My Cannabis Medicine? With the current information age, it is very easy to find dosing information for any drug online. It is pretty easy to find most of these drugs online without prescriptions. Yet, “people” who are “patients”, generally don’t practice […]

Even though marijuana is legal for adults to possess and grow in the nation’s capital, the only legal place to consume it is in a private residence. Public consumption was not made legal by voters when they approved Initiative 71 in 2014, and the D.C. Council passed an emergency measure that also made consumption at any non-residential private event or location illegal. After hearing complaints from business […]

Oregon Now Accepting Marijuana Business Applications Monday marked the start of the application process for those seeking to operate a business that would serve the adult retail market in Oregon. Applicants can now apply to be a non-medical marijuana producer, processor, wholesaler, laboratory, or retailer, or obtain […]

New York’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Opening Thursday New York’s Department of Health has announced that the state’s medical cannabis program will be officially underway starting this Thursday, with the opening of multiple dispensaries throughout the state.“New York State’s Medical Marijuana Program […]

Kentucky Could Legalize Medical Marijuana in 2016 With Help From Ex-Congressman Although Kentucky has struggled for the past several years to get any attention from the General Assembly on the issue of medical marijuana, the cause will have stronger reinforcement in 2016.More on hightimes.com:Kentucky Could Legalize Medical Marijuana in 2016 […]

Mexico City Mayor: Legal Marijuana Would Hurt Cartels, Is Issue of Freedom Legalizing marijuana is an issue of personal freedom and would take money away from violent drug cartels, the mayor of Mexico City says in a new interview. “My position is always the defense of freedoms,” Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera […]

PORTLAND — Oregon residents looking to enter the recreational marijuana business can now apply for a license.The Oregonian reports that the license paperwork became available Monday morning. At noon, 70 people had submitted the forms.Oregon has no limit to the number of grower or retailer licenses it will issue. A report by the liquor control commission estimates the state will issue 850 recreational marijuana licenses […]

Radical Rant: The Personal Toll of Marijuana Activism In my 10 years of marijuana activism, I have seen more backstabbing, conniving, vicious, nasty, junior-high-level immature behavior than in any endeavor I’ve been a part of.I just wish that the legalization of marijuana would reward the people who’ve […]

New York State To Officially Roll Out Medical Marijuana Program This Thursday New York’s Department of Health has declared their medical marijuana program will be ready to roll out this Thursday. While some dispensaries are still scrambling to get ready, at least one dispensary in the Big Apple — Columbia Care — expects […]

Tucson City Council is Proposing Changes for Dispensaries The Tucson City Council is meeting this week and will discuss four proposed changes for medical marijuana dispensaries operating in Tucson.The four proposed changes are:– Capping the total amount of dispensaries in Tucson – Increasing the size of cultivation […]

Washington Marijuana Prices Decrease by over 50 Percent In the state of Washington, recreational marijuana dispensaries have reported that the price per gram has lowered by more than 50-percent. The average price per gram was $25 – $30. But with more recreational marijuana dispensaries opening up, existing di […]

California Medical Marijuana Regulations: Legislative Amendment Could Ease Pressure on Cities and Counties to Regulate Last time we wrote about California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), we delved into the issue of local law compliance for establishing “priority” licensing status pursuant to AB 266. But the MMRSA, in particular AB 243, has […]

Fate of Colorado Marijuana Bank Is up to a Judge Marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug and, for this reason, those in legal marijuana businesses still have difficulties with banking. Given that the drug is still illegal on a federal level, the government sees opening bank accounts for these businesses as holding […]

How to set up a high-quality clone room If your circumstances allow it, setting up your own clone room is an invaluable way to maintain and improve your genetic library. However, setting up a clone room must be done correctly if you hope to produce healthy clones on a regular basis. General set-up considerations […]

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