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Nature’s Root: The Fruits of a Hemp Economy When Colorado voters opened the door for adult-use cannabis in November 2012 they also ushered in a new chapter for American hemp. Unlike other states, which are reliant upon the restrictions of the 2013 U.S. Farm Bill requiring state permission as well as university oversight, Colorado farmers are free to grow hemp […]

Medical Marijuana Will Be On Florida Ballot In November Voters in Florida will again have an opportunity to legalize medical marijuana this November. Ballot organizers believe that the measure, which almost passed in 2014, will benefit from an increase in voter turnout in a presidential election year. Growing support […]

On Prisons, Privacy and Fracking, Hillary Clinton Has Been out of Touch with Young Voters MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Anthony JohnsonIowa is too close to call and young voters could very well determine the Democratic Iowa caucus winner and thus, the nominee and future leader of the free world. On the biggest […]

The 2016 Presidential Primaries Have Begun – How the Candidates Stack Up On Medical Cannabis As the Iowa caucuses commence today, and New Hampshire to follow, the presidential primary season is upon us, and the entire nation is watching in suspense. This has been one of the most controversial elections in years with extreme left and right wing politicians […]

Byron’s ‘surfing lawyer’ Lester Brien dead at 71 Lester Brien during his competition career. Photo Facebook Byron Bay has lost one of its larger-than-life identities, the surfer turned lawyer Lester Brien, who died peacefully at home on the weekend aged 71. Lester came to Byron Bay in the l960s to surf […]

Oregon: Cannabis Lobby Day at the Capitol, February 8th By CRRH Staff Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH), along with several other cannabis organizations, will be participating in Cannabis Lobby Day at the Oregon State Capitol on Monday, February 8, 2016. The free speech event, will feature […]

2016 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup: Nightime on the Midway When the sun set on the first day of the 2016 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, the crowd and the vendors lit up the night -- quite literally! More on hightimes.com:2016 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup: Nightime on the Midway […]

State of Cannabis: Not-So-Sweet Home Alabama This is number four in our series ranking the fifty states on cannabis from worst to best. This is our fourth in the series. Idaho was last week, ranking as the third worst state for cannabis. This week we head to the heart of Dixie, where […]

Utah Mom Risks it all to Treat Daughter with Cannabis The faithful call Utah Zion, but liberals call Utah’s mostly conservative laws “The Zion Curtain”. Sarah Ellett is a mother of three disabled children. Her daughter Remie suffers from panhypopituitarism, a thyroid disease that forces Remie to […]

Poll: New Hampshire Voters Strongly Support Decriminalizing Drug Possession By Drug Policy Alliance Majorities of Republicans, Democrats and Independents Oppose Arresting People for Simple Possession of Any Drug, Want Health Insurers to Provide Treatment and Support Eliminating Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Non-Violent Drug Offenders […]

Move Forward With Bernie Sanders, the Quad-City Times Urges as Iowa Is Too Close to Call MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Anthony Johnson Political junkies like myself were waiting anxiously as the final Des Moines Register Iowa caucus poll was announced this afternoon. The poll is widely respected as having […]
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Cultivation Bans Sweep California On Thursday the California legislature unanimously repealed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act’s troublesome March 1 deadline for cities to enact their own cannabis cultivation regulations. Assembly Bill 21 now moves to the Governor Jerry Brown’s […]

For the Sake of OMMP Patients, Advocate Alice Ivany Urges a Halt to House Bill 3400 MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Sarah DuffAlice Ivany is livid to say the least. Oregonians may remember Alice from her activism when she teamed up with the medical cannabis community in 2008-2010 as Co-Chief Petitioner of […]

U.S.: Obama Says Marijuana Reform Is Not On His Agenda For 2016 By Steve Elliott Hemp News It seems that cannabis activists who had hoped for a big shift in federal marijuana policies from the Obama Administration in its last year are likely to be disappointed. White House press secretary John Earnest on Friday […]

They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part XCV Legalizing cannabis for medical use is necessary and in many respects a basic human right. But legalizing marijuana for recreational use must happen as well and there should be no stigma in calling for that. Everyone should have the right to make their own decision […]

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