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The Best Public Places to Smoke a J in LA
Author: Nile Cappello  11/07/2018 - 11:00:00

Welcome to Los Angeles, where temperatures are mild, palm trees are tall, flip-flop loyalty is strong, and any time of the year is a good time to smoke weed outside. With almost 285 days of sunshine each year, there’s no better way to celebrate California’s weather—and marijuana legalization—than by lighting one up at one of the city’s outdoor public landmarks. From a beach in Malibu to a scenic overlook in Sherman Oaks, we’re counting down the 10 best outdoor, public spots to get high—and get high on good vibes—in Los Angeles.

We’re supplying the destinations. Now, who’s bringing the weed?

As always, please exercise discretion while smoking in public places. Many of these spots offer designated smoking sections; for those that don’t, we suggest opting for a vaporizer or edible as a more discreet alternative to fresh bud.

Courtesy of LA Department of Recreation and Parks

Echo Park Lake
Echo Park

In a city dominated by freeways, traffic, and crowded streets, wide open spaces can often seem hard to come by. But those in search of a place to take in some greenery—and smoke some greens—should look no further than this public park and lake in the burgeoning Echo Park neighborhood. Whether you choose to stroll around the perimeter, sprawl out on a blanket with a book and snacks, or even embark on a paddleboat ride, it’s the kind of place that feels like a breath of fresh air—and the kind of place best enjoyed after breathing in something else.

Frank Fujimoto/ Flickr

El Matador Beach

If you’re not already convinced that El Matador is the most spectacular beach in Los Angeles, then getting high here will certainly seal the deal—because the only thing that could makes this secluded hideout’s sea caves, rock formations, and tall cliffs even more spectacular is exploring this hidden gem on the north end of Malibu while on cannabis. Bring a picnic, towel, and pre-roll (it can get windy), and be prepared to never see other LA beaches the same way again.

Courtesy of Grand Park LA

Grand Park

What better way to celebrate living in a 420-friendly state than by lighting up with a view of Los Angeles City Hall? DTLA’s “park for everyone” doesn’t only have plenty of grassy lawn space and stadium-style steps to sprawl out on—it also supplies plenty of people watching, attractions, and programming for your cannabis-fueled entertainment. Visitors looking to further elevate their trip to Grand Park should check out the ongoing events calendar, venture into adjacent cultural spaces including The Broad and The Music Center, and grab snacks from local food trucks once the munchies hit.

Mary-Austin Klein/ Flickr

Griffith Observatory
Los Feliz

Panoramic vistas of Los Angeles, planetarium shows, and telescopes—what more could a star-crossed stoner want out of a cannabis-fueled field trip? Perched at the top of the south side of Griffith Park’s Mount Hollywood, the Griffith Observatory offers clear views of the Hollywood Sign, DTLA, and even the Pacific Ocean—not to mention views of the sky above. True Neil Degrasse Tyson fans won’t want to miss the outdoor telescopes, indoor planetarium shows, or free star parties held one Saturday per month.

Kārlis Dambrāns/ Flickr

Hollywood Bowl Overlook
Hollywood Hills

For Los Angeles locals, Mulholland Drive often seems like the stuff of legends—everyone seems to know about it, but a surprising number of Angelenos haven’t actually checked it out for themselves. But we can almost guarantee that your first visit won’t be your last—after all, this road has earned its place as one of the most scenic in the city, and this overlook above the Hollywood Bowl proves why. For stoners with a love for good views, good weather, and good cannabis laws, this should be your go-to destination to light one up from the hood of your car and pretend you’re starring in your very own rom-com. Or psychological thriller. You do you.

Tamás Matusik/ Flickr

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica

From cotton candy and funnel cakes to live music and amusement rides, the Santa Monica Pier is much more than just a tourist attraction—it’s also one of the best places in Los Angeles to spend the day getting high, both on cannabis and on the ferris wheel. Channel your inner child and see roller coasters, carnival games, and talented buskers like never before—maybe you’ll even finally get retribution on the ring toss. Even better, attend one of the pier’s many public events, including live concerts, outdoor movie screenings, yoga classes, and food festivals.

Panchenks/ Flickr


Los Angeles’ edition of Brooklyn-born weekly food festival Smorgasburg is located at ROW DTLA, a complex also known for rooftop yoga classes, boutique brick-and-mortar vendors, and pop-up gallery shows. But the pièce de résistance of this multi-purpose Arts District campus is undoubtedly the smattering of food and drink vendors who occupy rows of tents every Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM, serving up everything from fresh lobster hot off the grill to acai bowls served in a coconut shell. Come hungry, high, and in your comfiest pair of stretchy pants.

Courtesy of LA Department of Recreation and Parks

Stoner Park and Recreation Center
Santa Monica

Come on. It’s literally named Stoner Park. Besides the obvious bragging rights (and Instagram location tags), this Santa Monica park’s facilities are yet another reason this park attracts stoners—amenities include a skate park, barbecues and picnic tables, and even a pool with a slide. Whether you’re coming for a swim, skate, or summer BBQ, there’s every reason to get stoned when hanging out at Stoner Park.

User: Slices of Light/ Flickr

The Getty Center

The Getty Center’s tagline may as well be “I’m not a regular museum, I’m a cool museum”—even those who aren’t well-versed in painting, sculpture, and photography will appreciate this iconic institution. Sitting high above Brentwood and looking out over the Pacific Ocean, the urban oasis provides respite and refuge form the busy city below—The Getty Center isn’t even accessible by car, as visitors are directed to park at the bottom and take the tram up the hill (or walk, if you’re ambitious. Once you’ve made it to the campus, be sure to take in the exterior as well as the interior; the space’s Italian travertine walls, Richard Meier architectural features, and manicured outdoor gardens and lawns are as much works of art as those in featured exhibits and galleries.

Panchenks/ Flickr

Venice Boardwalk

Of course, there’s no Los Angeles tour de cannabis that’s complete without a stop along the OG weed capital of the city: the Venice Boardwalk. Sure, it’s a little grungy (and more than a little touristy)—but with smoke shops, food vendors, and street artists all sitting side-by-side along the beachfront pedestrian mall, Venice Boardwalk continues to be one of the best places in the city to celebrate the best of cannabis culture.

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