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Mary & I & Sensi Seeds – a new cannabis documentary is on the way
Author: Scarlet Palmer  11/07/2018 - 11:15:00

Despite being a progressive nation

His voyage of discovery into the potential of medicinal cannabis began soon after he turned 30. Rather than keeping a new diagnosis of bipolar disorder secret, he chose to be extremely open about it. Wally began broadcasting ‘Ready 2 Die’, which he describes as “a brutally honest podcast about mental illness, artistic fulfilment and hopeless pursuit of love, happiness and acceptance”. Cannabis has been instrumental both in helping him manage his disorder and in him involuntarily becoming the face of the Swedish cannabis movement.

“Mary & I” follows his journey from Sweden to Amsterdam, Tenerife, the US and beyond, to discover how other cultures are trying to get the most out of cannabis. Four years in the shooting, this documentary is now in its final stages and Sensi Seeds is joining with Guerrilla Tactics once again to make sure it wraps up smoothly. We know you’re going to want to watch it, so here’s how you can be a part of bringing “Mary & I” to the screen.

  • Watch this trailer, share it on all your social media channels, and tell all your offline friends about it too!
  • Visit the “Mary & I” Indiegogo page if you want to make a financial contribution, and take advantage of the exciting rewards
  • Stay tuned for more videos coming on the Sensi Seeds blog
  • Let us know what you think in the comments below

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