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Michigan’s Frustrating MMJ Licensing Delays
Author: Alice  10/07/2018 - 16:18:00

Board’s Extreme Prejudice Towards Cannabis Business Owners - Image powered by Weednews.co

Moreover, the joint possession MMJ dispensaries have also extended the scrutiny process. Every person involved with the business is being scrutinized in the same manner. Many people have to come up with joint ownership when they have to open a legal MMJ business because they are not available with the regular facilities of the line of credits and bank loans.  

Denise Pollicella is a lawyer representing the state’s marijuana businesses. As per Pollicella, the licensing procedure is really frustrating for many reasons. It’s lengthy, crammed with extensive documents and taking a lot of time. She also believes that the department and the board are not on the same page on the matter of licensing. 

Over 200,000 medical marijuana patients in the state are waiting to get their medications from licensed fronts. However, the state’s attitude indicates that they are not in the mood to speed up the process. 

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