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Can Ireland’s Repeal Campaign Pave the Way for Medical Cannabis?
Author: Tasha Smith  09/07/2018 - 11:21:00

How was the Repeal Campaign won?

As well as overturning the ban that forced Irish women to travel abroad for abortion services, the Repeal Campaign, as the movement to repeal the 8th Amendment was known, demonstrated a new kind of civic activism in


The news of her avoidable death was met with a public outcry so piercing Savita became the unlikely heroine of the Repeal Campaign, giving it new momentum.

When the comedian

After originally agreeing to pass it, the government is now blocking the bill, and has proposed a


Curran has a deep understanding of the complexities of using cannabis therapeutically, as he used it to treat his wife Marie for two decades. “It’s not the same as smoking a joint,” he explains.

“To find the correct dosage for Marie’s condition took three or four years. It takes a few attempts to find the correct dosage of any pharmaceutical drug, and the same is true of cannabis. The right dose for the right condition is key. And what works for one person, is not going to work for another. Doctors can’t prescribe what they don’t understand.”

Curran’s current goal is to educate Irish doctors about medical cannabis, and is hosting a seminar later in 2018 to begin that process. The importance of support from the medical community cannot be overlooked. When Ireland’s chief obstetrician, Dr. Peter Boylan, came out in favor of repeal, it was a significant boost to the campaign that allowed other doctors to follow suit.

From Repeal to Regulation

However, before doctors can prescribe cannabis, its classification as a class A drug with no medicinal value has to change. Niall Nelligan is a lawyer, academic, and founder of drug policy law reform group, Fweed, who co-wrote the Controlled Drugs and Harm Reduction Bill 2017 with senator Lynn Ruane. He believes that regulation of cannabis is the only way to solve the issue, and would like to see Ireland adopt a similar model to Colorado.

He will present a policy reform document to the Irish government in July 2018. “Things are moving faster than people think,” he says, “But we have to change the Misuse of Drugs Act first, and legislating just for medicinal use is not going to work. What we need is regulation across the board to facilitate the issuing of licenses to producers and vendors. Anything less than full regulation is wasting time.”

A general election will be held in Ireland within the next twelve months, which will put the issue of cannabis in the spotlight. Nelligan is confident the government will regulate for both medical and recreational use in the next four years.

“The Repeal Campaign showed the remarkable strength of our young generation,” he says. “They get cannabis, and are informed. They’ve shown they don’t take no for an answer and their support can swing a vote.”

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