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Growing to Learn: Kushpa and His White Widow Autos and Gold Leaf
Author: Rob  09/07/2018 - 14:09:00

Growing to Learn: Kushpa and His White Widow Autos and Gold Leaf:

For newbie growers, it would be fun and adventurous to try and grow different strains at once. Heck, they tend to be experimental and even try different types of seeds in one go. But, what they forget is that different strains have different needs. Different types (auto-flowering and photoperiod) require different light schedules too.

Photoperiod seeds are those that are sensitive to light. They would only flower if the grower switched their light schedule to 12/12. Meanwhile, autoflowering seeds need no such thing. They do whatever they need to flower and can survive with a single light schedule all throughout the grow.

An adventurous newbie grower named Kushpa would try to brave the odds of doing both in this grow journal. He is prepared to grow White Widow Autos, which blesses whoever smokes it with a burst of euphoria and energy. He also plans to grow a photoperiod plant, the Gold Leaf, which is famous for its high yield and flavorful taste.

Will he succeed with his little experiment?

Grower: Kushpa
Location: USA
Seeds: Gold Leaf and White Widow
Yield: 5 oz.

Much like cooking, it is better to prepare things ahead of time before cooking. So, Kushpa prepared ahead of his journey for the following:

  • 5 x White Widow Autos
  • 1 x Gold Leaf
  • 2' x 4' x 6'
  • Jiffy Pellets
  • Jiffy Pots
  • Germination Tray
  • 2 x 42-watts 2.7K CFLs
  • Box Fan
  • 130-watts LED
  • 4-inch duct fan
  • Small Fan
  • Chicken Wires
  • MarsHydro 140-watts
  • Horse Manure
  • N-Rich MiracleGro Nutrients
  • MG generic (24-8-16)
  • Schultz Bloom Plus (10-54-10)
  • Store-bought Topsoil
  • Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soil
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Triazicide Insect Killer


June 16

A young and excited grower named Kushpa sets on a new adventure with five White Widow Autos and one Gold Leaf seeds. In the germination chamber of a 2’ x 4’ x 6’ tent, he has them set in a tray after their 24-hour soak. He has two 42-watt 2.7K CFLs that are helping him provide heat for his little seedlings.

In a couple of weeks, some of them would have to live outdoors. The size of the tent that he has cannot accommodate more than six plants. He still has some Gold Leaf plants in the vegetation chamber of the tent that would be staying there for a long time.


June 17

It did not take the White Widow Autos to break through the surface. The Gold Leaf lags a little but is still working her way out.


June 18

Roots form wonderfully when they have a good space to grow. And since the White Widow Autos’ roots are starting to increase, Kushpa thought this is the perfect time to re-home them into bigger pots. The White Widows are going into 5-inch Jiffy pots, while the Golden Leaf is going to be an experimental piece and would be in a big bucket instead.

Starting with the White Widows, all five are supposed to be in pots filled with a 50/50 mix of store bought topsoil and Miracle-Gro. That is until one fell out of the peat pellet and fell on the ground. He tried to revive her by placing her in a Jiffy pot like the others, but it looks like she’s not going to make it.

Looks like he is going to have a change of plans. Instead of four plants going outdoors, only three would go out and one would be left indoors. Also, the indoor White Widow is covered in half topsoil and perlite mix, and Miracle-Gro. This one still has her shell which he is still afraid to flick off.

Meanwhile, the Gold Leaf would be an experimental plant. Unlike the White Widows, she is going to live in a big bucket and with preserved topsoil from Kushpa’s river bottom corn field. He has it covered indoors for a month or so already in hopes of driving creepy critters away.

For the light, he has a full 130-watt LED on the Gold Leaf to boost her height before going outdoors. The indoor White Widow is joining her because he wants to prep him before joining the indoor gang of plants.

June 20

His Gold Leaf, although not as big as the others, is catching up quite nicely. She is already growing her second set of leaves.

Like the Gold Leaf, his Indoor White Widow is working on her second set of leaves.

Thank God that all his plants are thriving even after the scare that he had this weekend. His air conditioner knocked out and the temperature rose to 104°F. A big box fan blowing directly on the lights would not work and only got the temperature down to 90°F at most.


June 21

The air-conditioner is still out, and the temperature is still out of whack. Two more 4-inch duct fans, another small fan and all the lights are already off except for the 130-watt LED, and he only managed to get the temperature down to 89°F.

With all the CFLs off, Kushpa had no choice but to place them all under the LED.


June 24

Four days of heatwave and the repairman finally fixed the air-conditioner.
Some creepy crawlies possibly found their way to the plants while they were living in the darkness. As a precaution, this explorer decided to use some diatomaceous earth (DE) on the plants.

Also, with only the 130-watt LED working, his biggest White Widow started leaning towards the light. By the looks of it, only a stake would save her. With a wire wrapped around a stick, Kushpa tried his best to pull the plant on the opposite direction.


June 26

Quite a miracle but the leaning White Widow (indoor) is the biggest and healthiest of the bunch. Only she and the Gold Leaf are doing great. While the rest? Nada.
Both plants have stayed under LED lights longer than the rest. Could that be the reason why?
Looking at their leaves, the outdoor plants look like they were burnt. His emergency move of transferring them all under the LED caused others some serious burning.

Knowing that he cannot lose anything more, he took risks and planted one outdoors. In a 2’ x 2’ x 2’ hole that he dug two months ago, he placed one of the White Widows and filled it with some topsoil topped with half a bucket of horse manure. Of course, it needs some protection after setting it out into the wild. Out of an empty root beer bottle, he made a mini-greenhouse dome for the plant with some ventilation slits.


June 28

12 days in and the indoor White Widow still sets the bar high for the others. Surprisingly, the little incident that she had with the light is her little miracle. The LST (low stress training) that he gave her did her well and made her grow more leaves than ever.

Closing in on the indoor White Widow is the Gold Leaf. She’s not as fast when it comes to growing her leaves. Being a photoperiod plant and not an auto one, she really is bound to be a little slower than the rest.

Kushpa also started a new White Widow, which he hopes could catch up with the indoor White Widow and the Gold Leaf. Unlike the others, this one went straight into a 5-gallon bucket in the tent. Looks like he is moving towards this new one being an indoor plant.

Meanwhile, the three outdoor White Widows really lagged. It might be the Jiffy Pots that they are in that are slowing them down, aside from the light burn that they experienced.

He also figured that no further damage can happen to the plants, so he set them outside, too. Only two have protective domes this time, the other one is unprotected.


June 30

He had changed his lights from a 130-watt Led to Mars Hydro 140-watts LED. Right after, his indoor White Widow got burned a little and her leaves started curling. Kushpa’s going to be gone for at least three days. He figured it’s best to start them on some vegging nutrients now and gave all plants ½ dose of N-rich Miracle-Gro Nutrients.




Kushpa’s Mistakes as Opportunities to Grow

Starting a new hobby usually presents an ocean of opportunities for anyone. It can be an opportunity to make mistake, succeed or even fail. But the best part is, there is always an opportunity to learn.

Like Kushpa for his White Widow Autos and Gold Leaf journey. He made a lot of mistakes but learned, and in the end, succeeded. Newbie growers may learn from the following mistakes that he made:

  • Growing different types of seeds need different light schedules.
  • Different strains have very different needs.
  • Stick with one growing schedule. Yes, having backup plants is great to stick with your plan. However, when you intend to harvest all of them at the same time and grow them in the same space, it might present some problems.
  • Research on what nutrients work best with your grow.
  • Outdoor plants always need protection.

No matter how painful and problematic this journey seem for him, what matters most is that he learned. He tried to be better and had some yield to prove his dedication.

What about you? What important learnings did you get from your most recent grow?

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