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The 9 Best Marijuana Strains for Focus and Energy
Author: Dan Kingston  09/06/2018 - 08:06:00

Staying focused and energized to accomplish a “to-do” list or maintain productivity isn’t always easy. Stress, distractions and procrastination can easily keep you down. Fortunately, these 9 marijuana strains can help keep you focused and energized:

Mother’s Helper – This is a well-balanced hybrid that crosses Northern Lights #5 and Chocolope. It’s great for moms or anyone with heavy workloads and high-stress jobs. This hybrid has a great sweet, coffee-like flavor that may be as good as your morning cup of coffee.

Sour Diesel – This sativa has hybrid tendencies in higher doses. It is a potent, pungent strain that keeps you on task. The effects come on quickly and are long lasting. Using this strain in a higher quantity may produce the opposite effect and make you need a nap.

True OG – When work comes home with you and there are too many distractions in the house, this indica can help you drown out the background noise and help get that project completed. It may also be a good option for those working on higher-education projects.

Afghan Diesel – This citrusy hybrid is a heavy hitter. Smaller doses are suggested as most of the effects are felt cerebrally. When participating in group conversations requires your full attention, this is the strain to seek out. It helps you focus on what’s being mentioned while helping you want to participate with an energetic tone.

Green Goblin – It may smell like musty skunks soaked in diesel fuel, but it helps calm a stressed mind to stay focused on the task at hand. It also helps to improve mood, energy, creativity and uplift the spirit.

Blueberry Headband – This hybrid actually makes you feel like you’re wearing a headband. It helps you keep your thoughts in order to complete a project by easily staying on assigned tasks. While relaxing the mind and body, a bit of euphoria and an uplifted and happy spirit should be expected. Smaller doses are suggested for optimal focus.

Lavender Haze – This hybrid, when cultivated properly, should have purple hues in the buds. It is a cross of Lavender and G-13 Haze, and has multiple benefits such as helping to reduce distracting pain, promoting energy and relaxing the body. These three properties combined help improve focus.

Harle-Tsu – When you don’t want the high from THC, you can still get a hand with focus with Harle-Tsu. Its high CBD to THC ratio helps alleviate distracting stress and fatigue to help complete the day’s tasks with a clear head. For those with ADD or ADHD, this may be a strain to help with symptoms that prevent the successful completion of tasks or chores in a daily routine.

Harlequin – This is another high-CBD/low-THC strain to help you maintain clear-headed focus when concentration is necessary. It is a hybrid strain with a typical CBD to THC ratio of  5:2. Creativity may also be boosted a little from the small amount of THC in the strain. Completing tasks with a smile on your face is a likely possibility when Harlequin is around.

Contact your local dispensary to inquire if they carry any of these strains or similar strains.


Original article from only420.com: The 9 Best Marijuana Strains for Focus and Energy


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