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Alaska Marijuana Entrepreneurs Play the Regulatory Waiting Game
Author: Jessica Peralta  25/05/2018 - 16:00:00

There is a long list of businesses in Alaska applying for marijuana licenses in 2018. And for some of these businesses, the process can’t move fast enough.

According to a May 8 spreadsheet of Alaska marijuana applications, there were about 470 businesses listed as new, initiated, delegated, incomplete and under review. Marijuana Business Daily reported a similar backlog for the state in the previous year.

“The backlog has affected other businesses and friends of ours who are trying to get their businesses licensed and operating,” said Shaun Tacke, CFO of Good Titrations in Fairbanks and treasurer for the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association, which formed in 2015. “Many business owners might fail because they are having to pay rent on a spot and can’t operate it until their license is approved or rejected. My business hasn’t been negatively affected as of yet, but it’s not to say that it can’t happen as we have plans to potentially add licenses in the future.”

Mark Springer, chair of the Alaska Marijuana Control Board, which approves license applications for the cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and retail sales of cannabis and marijuana products, said he understands the frustration of some business owners complaining the process is too slow.  [...]

Original article from marijuana.com: Alaska Marijuana Entrepreneurs Play the Regulatory Waiting Game


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