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Oregon Rec Cannabis Applications Are Open While we work hard on resolution #4 at NWCC and WFCC, here’s some news: Johnny Green of The Weed Blog shares that the OLCC received 142 recreational marijuana business license applications on the first day, well short of the 800 overall still expected. Recreational dispensaries aren’t expected to open until […]

Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol… So Where Are The Pot Lounges? MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Russ BelvilleThroughout the fight to end adult marijuana prohibition, there has been a constant refrain of “treat marijuana like alcohol”. The public is increasingly aware that marijuana […]

Sons of Two State Chief Justices Face Drug Charges In a strange drug war coincidence, the sons of the top judicial officials in two states are both facing marijuana charges. In North Carolina, Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark D. Martin’s son was charged late last month with possessing […]

Continuing Efforts to Legalize Marijuana Lounges in DC The continuing debate over whether to allow marijuana lounges or private marijuana clubs in jurisdictions that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana surfaced again this week, and this time it was the subject of two different votes by the City Council […]

Bad Cops: Yuba County Drug Agent Busted, Denver Police Stoop To Entrapment Thoughts from a behavioral sinkhole and other queer tales from the war on drugs. Fueled by uninhibited hypocrisy and driven by a relentless lust for cash, a California Sheriff’s deputy, who felt he was above the law, was busted after his cross-country expedition […]

$1 Billion in Taxes Predicted from California Marijuana Legalization If California legalizes recreational marijuana for adults 21 years of age and older, it is estimated that the state could receive $1 billion per year in tax revenue. Those tax dollars would be divided amongst several state agencies, including the public school […]

Turkish Forces Seize 13 Tons of Marijuana off the Coast of Libya Turkey's state-run news agency says Turkish forces, acting on a tip, have conducted an operation on a Bolivian-flagged ship in international waters off the coast of Libya and seized 13 tons of marijuana. It was Turkey's first anti-narcotics operation in […]

Judge: Pot Credit Union Can't Access Nation's Banking System A judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit that sought federal approval for a credit union aimed at serving Colorado's marijuana businesses, saying pot is still illegal under federal law. More on hightimes.com:Judge: Pot Credit Union Can't Access Nation's […]
06/01/2016 - 15:28:00

Hawaii Marijuana Testing Conundrum Earlier this month, the Hawaii Department of Health issued interim regulations for the state’s new medical marijuana program, just weeks before groups will be submitting their applications for one of eight vertically integrated dispensary licenses. […]

AZ Marijuana Initiative Backers to Encourage Business Leaders Prior to an annual Chamber of Commerce meeting on January 6, backers of a 2016 ballot initiative to end marijuana prohibition in Arizona will encourage business leaders to consider the economic benefits of regulating and taxing marijuana in the state.The Campaign […]

Healthcare Professionals are Needed in Dispensaries As we enter the second decade of state-authorized medical cannabis the growing pains are evident and the maturing industry is entering a time of reckoning. Having millions of Americans legally using cannabis, medically or otherwise, is a true victory but, frankly, […]

Police in Legal States Using Social Media to Bust People for Marijuana Even in states where marijuana has been made legal, law enforcement agencies are still engaging in underhanded practices, some of which are blatant models of entrapment, to arrest people for marijuana.More on hightimes.com:Police in Legal States Using Social Media […]

How Legalization has Impacted Colorado MARIJUANA POLITICS - The News Source For an Informed Citizenry Post by Marijuana Politics Staff As California, Nevada and other states (and even countries like Canada) move forward with legalization proposals in 2016 and the next few years, they will undoubtedly […]
06/01/2016 - 02:13:00

Cashinbis Re-Brands as Upscale Media In less than a year, “Cashinbis” transformed from an unheard-of San Diego startup to one of the most renowned B2B digital publications in the legal cannabis industry, covering the entrepreneurs, technology, and issues that are driving the field […]

Doctor, What Is The Dose Of My Cannabis Medicine? With the current information age, it is very easy to find dosing information for any drug online. It is pretty easy to find most of these drugs online without prescriptions. Yet, “people” who are “patients”, generally don’t practice […]

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