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NORML’s Legislative Round Up February 26th, 2016 The Vermont Senate approved legalization legislation this week! We also have several additional international updates from around the globe.International:Australia: Members of Australia’s House and Senate approved legislation this week to amend federal law to permit for the licensed production and distribution of […]

Georgia: Parents Plan To Publicly Break Law To Get Medical Marijuana For Kids By Steve Elliott Hemp News With a quick prayer, a group of Georgia parents are preparing to very publicly break the marijuana laws. The room full of parents who have kids they believe can benefit from cannabis oil agreed that they will not be defeated […]

Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Passes in Vermont Senate RT News reported that the Vermont Senate has given the green light to a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana. The law would create a 25 percent sales tax on marijuana if passed.As quoted in the publication:The bill would allow adults age 21 or older […]

State Legislatures Take Action on Marijuana While most marijuana policy reform victories to date have been achieved at the ballot box via voter initiatives, lawmakers are increasingly taking action to change cannabis laws. Here are a few key upcoming state legislative developments to watch:VermontBy a vote […]

Washington: Marijuana Worker Protection Standards Released by Agriculture Department As legal cannabis business grows larger, states are realizing standards need to be set.In the latest step toward standardizing cannabis cultivation, the Washington State Department of Agriculture released formal recommendations called the “Worker Protection […]

Naturally Splendid Announces Re-assignment of Director to Advisory Board Naturally Splendid (TSXV:NSP) announced that Mr. Charlie Brink has stepped down from the Board of Directors and has been assigned to the Naturally Splendid Advisory Board where he will focus on advancing a wide spectrum of technologies focused on commercializing […]

Has D.A.R.E. Changed Its Opinion on Marijuana as a Gateway Drug? Earlier this week, a story went viral about how the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program (D.A.R.E.) had quietly removed cannabis from its list of gateway drugs. The information came from an observantRedditor, who noted on Wednesday that D.A.R.E had removed mariju... More […]

New York: Women's Visionary Congress To Host Weekend of Events March 11-13 Research Scientist Katherine MacLean, PhD, Artist Allyson Grey, and Psychiatrist Julie Holland, MD, Will Discuss How To Integrate Insights From Non-Ordinary ConsciousnessIn two weeks, a formerly underground women's psychedelic organization will host a weekend […]

D.A.R.E. Leaves Ents Dazed and Confused Over Marijuana Missing As Gateway Drug Lighting up a subreddit thread yesterday, a sharp-eyed ent (a marijuana enthusiast) made a seemingly significant discovery when observing that D.A.R.E., a Reagan-era anti-drug propagandist group, had mysteriously lost their reference to marijuana as a degenerate […]

Latest Polling Finds 60% Support for Marijuana Legalization in California New polling results in California suggest six in ten voters are finally ready to legalize marijuana in the nation’s most populous state, when they go to the polls this November.A telephone survey of 1000 likely CA voters, taken between Feb. 11th and 14th […]

Canada Legalizes Medical Marijuana Home Cultivation Canadian Federal Judge Michael Phelan ended the ban on home marijuana cultivation for medical marijuana patients. He gave the Canadian government a period of six months to devise new rules.Cultivation is approved for medical marijuana patients only. An initial […]

Former Attorney General Wants Marijuana Rescheduled Former Attorney General, Eric Holder, says that it is time to consider decriminalizing and rescheduling marijuana in the U.S.Holder suggests moving marijuana to a lower scheduling. He stated: “I certainly think it ought to be rescheduled. You know, we treat marijuana […]

Vermont Senate Gives Final Approval to Legal Marijuana, House Vote Is Next Vermont is well on its way to making history by becoming the first state in the nation to end marijuana prohibition by way of the state legislature. More on hightimes.com:Vermont Senate Gives Final Approval to Legal Marijuana, House Vote Is Next […]

Right to Privacy Includes Marijuana Personal Use in Alaska: Ravin v. State Attorney Irwin Ravin was arrested on October 11, 1972, and charged with violating Alaska Statute 17.12.010 for possessing cannabis for personal use. Before trial in front of the Alaska District Court, Ravin attacked the constitutionality of AS 17.12.010 by […]

What happens in the pineal gland when we use cannabis? What is the pineal gland for?While undoubtedly important, the pineal gland does not possess mystical or supernatural properties, no matter how much some people would like to believe it. Even some great, renowned thinkers have fallen foul of magical thinking here, […]

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