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Hot Pot Products: Nutrients, Sunglasses and More
Author: High Times  20/05/2018 - 16:30:00

In the cannabis industry, new products are constantly being invented and released. It’s just one of the many things that make the industry so exciting! Here are four new hot pot products to keep your eyes out for.

Feel the Pulse

In the world of handheld portable flower vaporizers, flavor is the most important factor. The well-designed, easy-to-use and portable APX Dry Herb Vapes from Pulsar create a smooth vapor that retains the natural terpene profile of the bud. Because they use convection technology and a ceramic-lined chamber, there’s no burnt “popcorn” taste or metallic undertones. With four settings to choose from, you’ll take only perfect hits. $69.99 (use code “HTIMES15” for 15 percent off and free shipping)

Cuckoo for Coco

Coconut coir has become the medium of choice for pot farmers looking for a sustainable alternative to rockwool and peat-based soilless mixes. Just for Coir from Earth Juice is a nutrient solution specific to the needs of coco growers looking for healthy performance and strong plant growth. Rest assured that you’re feeding properly for the unique needs of the coir medium with Just for Coir’s slightly alkaline pH and water-retention capabilities. Prices vary.

Glasses Full

Grow lights emit colored light that can make it difficult to see clearly and diagnose problems in the growroom. That’s why we love the new Kush HPS and Kush LEDGrower’s Glasses from Nectar, whichoptimize clarity and color-balance the spectrums of high-pressure sodium (HPS) and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting systems. Affordable and stylish, these glasses protect your eyes from harmful rays and make it easier to spot deficiencies and pests. $49.99

Dabs Away!

Imagine doing dabs on the go with discretion and ease. The Boost eRig from Dr. Dabber is the portable we’ve all been waiting for. With large interchangeable titanium domeless nails and a modular heating element, this battery-powered unit provides the most flavorful and potent tokes of your essential oils with no torch required. The glass water-filtration piece makes for cool and smooth hits time after time. $200

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