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Tolerance for Cannabis is Easier to Break as Compared to Alcohol and Methamphetamine
Author: Darrel  18/05/2018 - 16:25:00

Marijuana doesn’t destroy neurons like deadly drug substrate methamphetamine neither it affects the neural connections in the brain like alcohol. However, cannabis strains have another effect on the brain of the user, and that underlines with ‘THC tolerance’. 

According to neuronal studies, the ‘high’ of THC is dependent on the CB1 receptors in the nervous system. Initially, these receptors are very active. However, with continual use of marijuana, they become unresponsive and even high amount of THC can’t generate that ‘buzz’. This loss of potency of cannabis in people with excessive use is known as the development of THC tolerance. Let’s have a look at how tolerance develops in people with the excessive use of pot. 

CB1 (Cannabinoid) receptors are present on brain cells. These neuronal receptors are activated once the consumed THC molecules bind with them to give the feeling of being stoned. After THC withers away, the activated CB1 receptors revert back to their normal state.

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Scientific studies also substantiate that the recovery from the effects of excessive cannabis use is quick. There is a research that analyzes the CB1 receptors of daily pot users with non-users. It has found out that people in the former lot experienced a reduced number of CB1 receptors. In addition, the study has also concluded that the daily cannabis users get back their original number of CB1 receptors after quitting the administration of THC for two weeks. 

Nevertheless, recovering back to the normal tolerance levels are highlighted with the bouts of withdrawal. In comparisons to alcohol, which is toxic for liver and takes more toll on the brain function or methamphetamine-based drugs, where there is little to no chance of recovery to normal brain function, cannabis doesn’t appear as bad as it is projected by many quarters.  

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