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Green Relief Enters European Market Via Switzerland
Author: Aaron Biros  16/05/2018 - 17:20:00

It is old news that Canadian companies are entering the European market. And it is also no stop-the-presses flash that Germany is a big prize in all of this. But there are other Euro markets to watch right now. Switzerland is one of them.

Look for the Canadian influx here too.

One of the more interesting entrants this month? Green Relief – a Canadian LP with a really unique twist. They are the only company in the world to produce cannabis oil from The cities of Zurich and the cantons of both Winterthur and St Gallen (home of the Swiss companies behind the new venture with Green Relief) have already indicated that they will not pursue possession fines for those

A Cross Market Play

Here is the truly interesting part about this new announcement. Less than three weeks before Green Relief publicized their European announcement, there were also strategic developments afoot at home. Canopy Growth, the first company to obtain a German import license, and the second Canadian company to obtain an EU import license for cannabis, to begin with, also just announced an investment in Green Relief. The share purchase agreement netted Green Relief $750,000 in both cash and common shares of Canopy Growth.

With this, Green Relief seems to have set sail on its European expansion. Setting up Canopy Cannabis, in turn, with full production and testing facilities in Denmark, Spain, the Czech Republic and now Switzerland. Not to mention speciality distribution with an established footprint throughout Europe.

Look for more interesting turns to this developing saga soon!

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