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Pennsylvania Makes Significant Improvements in its MMJ Program
Author: Alice  16/05/2018 - 15:04:00

May 16, 2018, Pennsylvania

This Monday, the Department of Health in

Marijuana Flowers Will be Available at MMJ Dispensaries - Image powered by Hightimes.com

Pennsylvania’s MMJ program started just with the sale of cannabis oils with low THC content, while all other forms of MMJ remained illegal. MMJ advocates were constantly striving to add cannabis flowers to the list of items that should be available at MMJ dispensaries. The reason being cannabis oils are an expensive product and might not be reasonably priced for every MMJ patient.  

The state regulators have finally acted upon the wish of MMJ advocates and approved the sale of cannabis flowers. Patients can use cannabis flowers in vaporized form, smoking them will continue to be illegal.  

Chris Visco is the owner of an MMJ dispensary chain in Pennsylvania. He supported the idea of making cannabis flowers legal to make MMJ treatments affordable. He thinks that expenses of MMJ treatments can be reduced by 50 percent by allowing the sales of cannabis flowers. 

The department has also changed the conditions of MMJ prescription for chronic pain. Patients will no longer have to prove opioid administration before obtaining MMJ recommendations. All these improvements in Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program will be implemented from this Thursday.   

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