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10 cannabis YouTube channels that you ought to know about
Author: Micha  14/05/2018 - 09:30:00

Anyone searching for the word “cannabis” on YouTube will be swamped by millions of hits. Not only are there millions of video clips on the subject, over the last few years more and more channels have sprung up that focus on the forbidden plant. Many are in fact mainly about personal consumption, but others attempt to report, more or less objectively, on current developments.

In this article, we want to provide you with an overview of some very informative cannabis channels on YouTube. The selection is not based on who gets the most clicks or subscribers, but on authentic and carefully researched content and, of course, on their entertainment value.

As many European YouTube channels are made and published in their local language, evaluating solely on penetration would not be fair, and would mean that almost exclusively foreign channels, with a legal


Steven Kompier and his team have been reporting on Dutch drug policy for many years.

Jolie Olie is really crass. Five

Since 2008,

With Pot.TV,


Last but not least, the author of this article has been busy on YouTube for over a decade. Previously, he was involved with the popular cult channel exzessiv.tv and nowadays he regularly presents cannabis culture programmes as DerMicha. Whether in Canada, the or at home in Berlin, Micha explains cannabis in all its many and varied facets to his audience.

More powerful than print media

Many videos on the subject of cannabis now definitely reach a wider audience than most print media. It is for that reason that it is so difficult to understand why the European cannabis YouTubers on the whole lead a shadowy existence and are barely able to feed themselves from their work, while stoner videos smothered in clichés in the US quickly clock up a six-digit click rate, and therefore achieve commercial success.

While there is at least one cannabis expert journal in almost every European country, well-produced European cannabis channels on YouTube are still a rarity. Given the reach and authenticity of the mini clips, this is almost incredible in 2018.

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