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Lawmakers May Increase Medical Marijuana Research for Veterans
Author: Sarah Parfitt  13/05/2018 - 08:29:00

The House Veterans Affairs Committee approved measures that would increase the VA’s research on medical marijuana on May 8th. If the upcoming vote receives enough support, the VA could increase its ability to study the efficacy of medical marijuana for health conditions like PTSD and pain.

The VA would be required to report its medical marijuana-related research findings to Congress on a regular basis, according to The Hill.

The former VA Secretary, David Shulkin, said in 2017, that he was “open” to expanding medical marijuana access for treating PTSD. Currently, due to archaic federal laws, VA doctors cannot recommend nor prescribe medical marijuana to veterans.

It is not said when a vote on the bill will happen.


Original article from only420.com: Lawmakers May Increase Medical Marijuana Research for Veterans


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