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Violet Delight
Author: Robert Bergman  12/05/2018 - 19:33:00

Information about Violet Delight:

Violet Delight is an Indica leaning hybrid that’s adored for its high concentrations of linalool. A floral smelling terpene, it aids in relieving stress and elevating levels of relaxation.

Despite being so well known in the world of marijuana, its original breeder has remained unknown. But, the consensus is that it is a descendant of three legendary strains.

First is Blueberry, a true star in the world of marijuana. In particular, it is deemed as among the most fragrant strains. Second is Shishkaberry or more commonly known as kish. It is itself a descendant of Blueberry. From these two, Violet Delight inherited its flavors and Indica genetics.

Finally, the third strain Green Crack is mainly responsible for passing on its Sativa genes. Among its unique traits are the energetic mental high it induces.

From its appearance to smell and especially the psychedelic effects it induces, Violet Delight is the quintessential purple strain. Not only is it suitable for recreational users, but also medical users as well.

Original article from ilovegrowingmarijuana.com: Violet Delight


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