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The Parts of the Cannabis Plant
Author: Scarlet Palmer  26/04/2018 - 10:00:00



The roots of cannabis plants are long, white, and grow in a tangled mass directly down from the base of the plant. The main, thickest root is called the taproot and is the first root to appear when the

The leaves are undoubtedly the most iconic part of the cannabis plant, almost universally recognised and adorning everything from

Probably the most stared-at part of the cannabis plant, the flowers, or buds, can exhibit as many variations as roses, tulips, or any other flower bred for specific characteristics. They are also the part of the plant that displays its sex. Despite various urban myths to the contrary, the only way of telling whether a cannabis plant is male or female is to wait for the start of the flowering period, and examine the internodes.

This is the point where developing flowers could produce the tell-tale V-shape of white hairs that the majority of growers hope to see, and indicate the plant is female. If those hairs don’t appear, the emerging flowers will be male and eventually produce balls (a trait which makes it really easy to remember how to tell male from female).

As the buds thicken and grow, they cluster ever more densely around the stems to create the classic candle shapes known as colas. Looking at the buds closely, especially with a magnifying glass or loupe, reveals the trichomes. These tiny mushroom-shaped glands are where the cannabinoids are located, and are also responsible for the sparkling appearance of the buds.

The colours of these treasured flowers can range almost the full length of the colour spectrum, from almost white to almost black, with the most common shades between being greens, oranges, reds and purples.

Role played in cannabis plant life cycle: 

The flowers are the reproductive organs of the plant. Cannabis is dioecious, which means plants are male or female, although they can also be hermaphrodite under certain circumstances. Once they are ripe, the balls produced by the male flowers open and release pollen which is carried by the wind (or by a clean paintbrush, if you’re a breeder) to the female flowers. Once it reaches the stigmas – the two hairs coming out of the pistil, the smallest part of the flower structure – it works its way to the egg cells, and a seed begins to form.


If you have to ask about the uses of cannabis flowers, you’re in the right place! There are too many to list here, so instead, simply choose from our blog categories and see what appeals to you. Our posts are organised into medicinal, cultural, consumption, cultivation, videos, legal and political, opinion, strains, and Sensi Seeds News.                 



Cannabis seeds vary in size from that of a large match-head to a little larger than a pin-head. Their colour is all the shades of brown, from tan to almost black, and often they are speckled or tiger-striped. The seeds are oval, rounded, and slightly flattened at one end with a point at the other. The skin has a slight sheen, and many people consider them to be as beautiful as the flowers, in their own way!

Role played in plant life cycle:

It all starts with a seed, as the saying goes! The seeds contain the precious genetic material plus all the stored energy needed to start the life of the plant. Germination is the beginning of that life; seeing the husk split open and the first tiny white root emerge is always exciting.


Apart from the obvious use, which is growing cannabis plants, cannabis seeds are a rich source of nutrition due to their high oil content. If pressed to make hempseed oil, the husks that remain can be used as animal feed. The seeds can also be ground to make hemp protein powder. Naturally, the seeds used for nutrition are from industrial hemp plants rather than their more expensive psychoactive cousins!

We hope you have enjoyed this article, and maybe learned a few things along the way! Let us know in the comments below.

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