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The 15 Dankest Things I Saw At The SoCal Cannabis Cup
Author: mikeglazer  23/04/2018 - 20:30:00

This year’s SoCal Cannabis Cup was so dank. So, so dank. For me, events like this are all about making new unique memories, and this Cup did not disappoint. Here are some of my dopest memories from 4/20 weekend with some of the dankest things I saw at the SoCal Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino.

Air Cannon Joint Launcher

On the Music Stage everything was hype, but for, me the game changed when a dude brought out a huge air cannon and fired fifty joints into the crowd with a BANG. What a cool job he has.


Mike Glazer/High Times

All weekend, the sneaker game from Cup attendees was on point. Heck everyone’s ‘fits were tremendous, for example, in-demand Warner Brothers stylist Corey Samuel Roché getting elevated in the untouchably popular Nike Wotherspoon’s.

Mike Glazer/High Times

My favorite kicks though were Joel Hadley’s one of a kind Lebowski’s. The Dude abides.

Mike Glazer/High Times

Not so epic: These Gucci shoes I saw sporting toupees.

Jeff Sessions Dunk Tank

Sean Cooley/High Times

I hate him. This was awesome. It’s on High Times’ Instagram account. Check it out. Fuck Jeff Sessions.

High Times Podcast Tent

Sean Cooley/ High Times

It felt like walking into a Genie’s lamp where joints and bowls were passed around like wishes being granted. It also gave me the gift of being anointed by the Cannabis Evangelist himself, Jason Pinsky, for the High Times Green Room podcast. After praying for me he rubbed the strongest smelling terps into his blessed hands then caressed my mustache. I’ve been smelling sexy ever since (but please stay out of my DMs).

The live podcasts were terrific. Listen to them all in the coming weeks, hosted by major players in the game. My two faves:

  1. Shout out Wolfie and Kush Queen for their chat with Freeway Rick Ross (the real Rick Ross).
  2. Danny Danko and Mike Gianakos’ podcast ‘Free Weed’ had guest Kyle Kushman (HE WON 13 FRICKIN’ CANNABIS CUPS!!! #DEAD)

Food Porn

Mike Glazer/High Times

All day, every day, these food trucks had people feeling full and fly. Shout out to Hamburger Sean’s for saving my life with a juicy cheeseburger and super-soft chocolate chip cookies.

Mike Glazer/High times

Also, shout out to my guy Fred for getting the munchies, and eating a cupcake like a sandwich (AKA the correct way to eat a cupcake).

Local Dogs

Tremendous dogs at this Cup. Looking fly in their pot-leaf-covered leashes. If you were there, you got in some great pets all weekend. Check out past pups thanks to Mary Jane Gibson’s hashtag #pupsofthecup.

This Epic Joint

Mike Glazer/High Times

It’s the size of a table leg and stopped us in our tracks.

Dabs on Dabs on Dabs

If you’ve never taken a dab, the Cup is the place to correct that. If you already love dabs then this is Valhalla. All taste, no cough, pure results, done. My life came full circle when Cannabis Cup Competition Director Sean Black gave me a dab so wonderful I could hear my skin breathe.

On a personal tip: Sean’s the dab professor. He’s so knowledgeable and entertaining, he’d be perfect for a late-night TV segment on The Tonight Show: Walk Jimmy Fallon through how and why to smoke dabs while Jimmy laughs, then Jimmy takes a huge pull, exhales, and the crowd goes nuts. Plus, based on what The Roots’ dressing room smells like, I think Sean would get along with them too.

The NOS Event Staff

Shout out to them. The nicest people doing a supremely long hard job outside in the sun all day.

Raekwon The Chef

Look, every dang musical act crushed. Lil Wayne made the entire Cup bounce, Nas killed like he always kills – respect, but for me, Raekwon was my Super Mario Star. He was invincible, untouchable. I’ve seen him with Wu-Tang twice, but solo – my god get out of his way because he destroys the stage and leaves nothing in his wake.

WTF Is A “Reach Clip”?

Mike Glazer/ High Times

This guy named Arthur busted out a 3-foot reach clip while TI’s set was going on, and it was the funnest thing to smoke with. Imagine reaching this thing into Taco Bell’s drive-thru window so your cashier can take a hit while they hand you your food, and then you drive away. It would be so fun to film.

Overheard Comments

You hear some hilarious stuff fall out of people’s mouths as they pass you at events like this. These are some of my favorite overheards from the weekend:

  1. “Cannabis is not about elitism.”
  2. “Dude, that would be an awesome movie shirt.”
  3. “Water tastes amazing.”

Epic Dab Rig

Mike Glazer/High Times

I’d never seen anything like this before. Had to try it. It worked so well my eyes changed color.

Petting Zoo

Mike Glazer/High times

I met this goat. Life is good.

A Ferris Wheel Where I Sparked A Joint At Sunset While 2 Chainz Performed

Mike Glazer/High Times

I mean, this was magical.

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