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The Hague Bans Public Cannabis Smoking in Important City Districts
Author: Michael Knodt  19/04/2018 - 20:30:00

While most US states that have legalized recreational cannabis still don’t allow the drug to be consumed in public, the Netherlands has no such ban on public marijuana consumption. Even today, one can light up anywhere tobacco smoking is allowed. But on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, The Hague banned the consumption of cannabis in the downtown area. Public cigarette consumption, however, remains legal in these areas.

The city announced in a letter that it will forbid what the Dutch law calls “soft drugs” in 13 places in the city, including the entire city center, the Central Station rail terminal and the seaside district of Scheveningen. The ban came after numerous residents complained that they felt disturbed by the intense smell of cannabis caused by hordes of German tourists from who have frequented  the city-tolerated coffeeshops for [...]

Original article from marijuana.com: The Hague Bans Public Cannabis Smoking in Important City Districts


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