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Maple Leaf Green World Featured on The Interior News
Author: Hamza Ghaznavi  16/04/2018 - 19:11:00

Maple Leaf Green World (TSXV:MGW; OTCQB:MGWFF) recently got featured on The Interior News regarding its plans to to grow medical marjuana in Telkwa.

According to the article, the company has signed “a letter of intent with Woodmere Nursery to lease 30 acres of land and for a new state of the art 80,000 sq ft facility.”

“The MGO panels being used are being constructed in the factory and will be trucked out and set up once completed cutting down significant construction time,” – Stated the company CEO Raymond Lai.

“With both a dealer’s licence and ACMPR licence, they will be able to cultivate, extract, test, import, export, and produce medical cannabis products, including concentrated oil and resin products, internationally.”- The article concluded.

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