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SSDP Is Hosting Two Academic Panels At The University Of Michigan Tomorrow – Weed News
Author: admin  07/04/2018 - 22:32:00

On Sunday following the annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash, Students for Sensible Drug Policy at the University of Michigan is hosting two academic panels.

The first of two panels is titled ‘Athletes and Cannabis’ and panelists include NFL player Mike James (Detroit Lions), former NFL player Eugene Monroe (Jaguars/Ravens), and former NHL player Darren McCarty (Red Wings). The second is a panel of medical professionals including top cannabis researcher Dr. Sue Sisley, MD, U of M Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr. Gus R. Rosania, Ph.D., and Dr. Evan Litinas , MD. The panels will begin at 2:00 PM, April 8th in the Koessler Room of the University of Michigan League (911 N. University Avenue, Ann Arbor). Event Webpage:


The ‘Athletes and Cannabis’ and will explore the efficacy of cannabis as a pain management tool for athletes whomwho have sustained injuries major and minor throughout their career. Eugene Monroe, one of the panelists, is the first active NFL player to publicly support medical cannabis. Monroe will be joined by panelists Mike James, Detroit Lions running back and Darren McCarty, former Detroit Red Wing and Stanley Cup winner. This panel will be moderated by Dr. Sue Sisley, the principle investigator in the only FDA -approved controlled trial on cannabis for combat veterans suffering PTSD.

“NFL players are 4 times more likely than the general population to develop an opioid addiction,” Ssaid Mike James of the Detroit Lions. “It’s time for change!”

The second panel explores ‘Medicine and Cannabis’ and will feature Dr. Sue Sisley as well as Dr. Gus Rosania, Ph.D., University of Michigan’s College of Pharmacy educator and researcher, Dr. Gus Rosania, Ph.D., and Dr. Evan Litinas, MD, the Chief Medical Officer of a medical cannabis dispensary.

“I am interested in Cannabis as medicine, because the opioid epidemic has become the most important adverse drug reaction related-healthcare problem in the USA, I became interested in the possibility of developing safer alternative to opioids.” – Dr. Gus Rosania

The panels begin at 2:00 PM in the Koessler Room of the Michigan League. Each panel will run about 45 minutes with a brief break in between. The event will also be live streamed via Facebook on the pages of both Om of Medicine’s page and Students for Sensible Drug Policy at UofM.

4 time Stanley Cup winner, Darren McCarty added, “This plant saved my life. Cannabis is an exit strategy, I’m proof of that!”

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Original article: SSDP Is Hosting Two Academic Panels At The University Of Michigan Tomorrow – Weed News


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