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Choom Announces First Regional Retail Investment Group
Author: Bryan Mc Govern  07/03/2018 - 16:59:00

Choom (CSE:CHOO; OTCQB:CHOOF) announced it signed the first agreement of a retail investor program. 

As quoted in the press release:

This follows Choom’s announcement on January 18, 2018 highlighting a retail strategy of developing a chain of branded retail cannabis dispensaries across Canada.

The consortium, known as the ‘Thompson Okanagan Choom Group’ (“TOCG”) has secured the exclusive territory rights to open multiple Choom branded retail dispensaries in the Thompson-Okanagan region. TOCG is comprised of local investors and business partners led by Debra G Adams, Sherman DahlImre Kovacs and Kent Adams, combining to bring decades of business experience to contribute to the success of Choom locations in the Thompson-Okanagan region.

“We’re inviting people to join a world class brand built exclusively for the recreational cannabis market and we’re encouraging them to join us by registering for their own Choom Store in the Thompson Okanagan region,” states Mrs. Adams. Choom is using design and retail strategies that have worked successfully at some of the most profitable storefronts in the country. We are telling our Choom story with our stores and will elevate the concept of a high-quality product though our new retail environments, and we’re inviting others to join us.

Click here to read the full press release.

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