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Denver’s First Marijuana Coffee Shop Could Open This Spring
Author: Angie Jackson  23/02/2018 - 08:28:00

The Denver, Colorado business, the Coffee Joint, is about to become one of the country’s first legal marijuana-use social clubs. In Amsterdam, these businesses are generally known as “coffee shops.”

The owners of the Coffee Joint intend to charge an entry fee for the bring-your-own-marijuana (BYOM) establishment, where customers can consume marijuana, hang out and enjoy themselves, The Washington Post reports.

A prominent Denver attorney recommended that the city approve the proposal after a public hearing last Friday. It is expected that the city’s top marijuana regulator will be making the final decision for business license approval sometime in March or April.

Denver voters approved legislation allowing marijuana-use social clubs in 2016. The city began accepting applications in August, but businesses have to complete an extensive application and comply with strict limits on potential locations.

So far, Denver has received just two applications for marijuana social clubs, but officials are expecting a surge soon after the Coffee Joint receives approval to operate.

Original article from only420.com: Denver’s First Marijuana Coffee Shop Could Open This Spring


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